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Rational feeding according to the biological characteristics of fox season breeding, changing hair, can be divided into eight different feeding periods such as breeding period and pregnancy during the year, and different periods of feeding management. Such as in the pregnancy of the mother, the diet is available to make nutrition, fresh food, good premium, appropriate feeding. 518 Aquaculture Technology Network found that if the fetus will be absorbed, there will be pregnant accidents such as dead tires, rotten tires, abortion.
Epidemic prevention sterilization, viral enteritis, viral encephalitis These three major infectious diseases can be said to be “gratitude” affecting the normal growth of foxes, and there are common diseases such as gastroenteritis, colds, pneumonia. For these should take anti-weight, prevention and treatment, to prevent the main policy. Strengthen the veterinary health and epidemic prevention system, cut off the income pathway of the external pathogen; strict feed quality inspection, put the inlets; pay close attention to the health of the animal group, see the disease and beast, timely diagnosis, regularly conduct vaccination. At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of the foxes and disinfect regularly.
Breeding excellent varieties in the breeding of foxes as the following two points as “reference matter” for high quality breeding: First, the selection is small, fast growth, good leather, strong disease resistance, fur feeding A variety of blue foxes or lotus foxes to meet the needs of the market to fox skin. Second, the choice is large, the reproductive rate is high, good breeding, bright and bright, and the fox of excellent fluff varieties are adapted to the market. For a variety of foxs, a variety of foxs, retreat, eliminate poor species, and ensure the purity and quality of foxes.
The breeding period of the fox fox is only once every year, and the time is relatively strong, and it will be empty. Usually, we must observe it, master the characteristics of the changes in the fox cycle of the publicmother, strictly grasp the estrus period of the female fox, and timely give the mother to the mother, and based on the individual breeding ability and characteristics of the public cavity, reasonably prepare the breeding program. In the breeding time, the fox is quiet, and the public cavity should be added to the nutritious animal feed to ensure that it has a healthy physical condition and a good semen quality.

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