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The egg hooks will happen when the chicken is produced, and the entire egg period is continued, but due to the fact that most farmers do not know the reasons for the anal, the problem is not completely resolved, and the economic benefits of the chicken are seriously affected. Today, let’s take a look at what causes the anal egg chicken.

Opened, the lighting time is long, so that the egg chicken has been opened early

Due to the long time before the production, the skin is mature and mature. Completed, resulting in the anal egg hooks in advance. Therefore, the photographic light should be controlled within 9 hours, and the light is gradually increased to 14 hours to 16 hours.

After the long-term level of protein levels in the day of backhames

Strictly according to the nutrition of the different growth stages of the egg chicken, it is important to ensure the growth and development. Blindly increase the level of protein in the diet, which is easy to cause eggs to excessively large and relevance. Therefore, the birth of the branch should reduce the level of protein in the sun, increase the energy feed, and promote the ripening to solve the anal anal.

Diarrhea dehydration causes a decrease in tubal mucosa lubrication

Long diarrhea to make the moisture in the body of the egg hooks excessively consumed, seriously reached the degree of dehydration, resulting in a fallopian tube mucosa Effectively secrete lubricating fluid, genital road dry, and the chicken is strong, and it is strongly caused to cause an anal.

Therefore, in production should find a feed or disease reasons for diarrhea, and implement specimen and the normal physiological functions of each organ to resolve the anal.

Chicken is eating a large chicken obesity, resulting in a decrease in elasticity of the anus surrounding, excessive abdominal fat When egg, the tubal tube is difficult to reset, and the chick is thin and thin, and the body matures is poor, and it is easy to cause an anal prolapse. Therefore, in the breeding process, the chicken is brought to the branch, and the diet is reasonably formulated according to the degree of obesity to ensure the geothermal development, thereby reducing the anal anal.

Chicken crowd, sanitary conditions

The concentration of ammonia in the chicken house, high feeding density, harsh air environment, resulting in an anal eggs in the hens. therefore,Pay attention to the bulls and sanitation, and strengthen the wind ventilation to prevent the anal. The egg chicken is in the peak of laying, and the continuous laying eggs cause reduction in oil in the fallopian tube, and the lubrication is lowered. Therefore, it is necessary to supply sufficient drinking water of the egg chicken to reduce the amount of the anal chicken.

An unexpected frightening

Chickens in laying egg state cannot be reset to be reset by storming. Therefore, we should minimize noise such as noise, strictly forbidden dogs, cats, and rats into the chicken house, causing denities to scare anal. So, there are many factors that caused denither to rectal, we must combine clinical, divide the cause, to symptomatic treatment

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