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I believe that everyone has encountered a chicken in the breeding process. Under normal circumstances, they will pick up and not causing you to pay attention. In fact, the chicken can tell us a lot of information, don’t look at a small paralysis, actually causes paralysis. There are seven kinds of reasons, summarized as follows:

Poultry Medicine Mo Bei’s first type: intestinal poison syndrome
Generally, there is more than 10-20 days, easy to be amazed, two legs, It is not moving, the head is large, the head tremble is not the legs that cannot stand, and the toxins are absorbed by broiler, resulting in paralysis. It seems that people drink more, the appetite is reduced, fried, severe cases of feces become white and unmatched, and there are unsubstantable feeds in the feces, and individuals with “tomatoes” is prone, and “fish” like season feces The head chicken only crashed, scream, and fell to the ground. Reasons for pathogenesis, Virus infection, Wissearia, small coccidin, mold toxin, etc.
second: broiler is not typical new city disease
broiler is generally onset after 25 days, often have a slight respiratory symptom, a slight course The elder appeared, nasal, strange, etc., chickens were blocked, and they were dripped on the bowl when desolate.
There is still a soft neck, and it is not the reason for the leg. It is the new city disease virus causes the nerve to infringe. The mid-term chicken is only the spirit of the spirit, does not want to act, rush to take two steps, and the one-leg embarrassment, thin, broiler, yellow and green; after the late stage, there is a neck neck. Neck neck. Causes: The immunotalact is not in place, there are many oil seedlings, no drinking water in 21 days, resulting in low antibodies, causing disease, or drinking water immunotrophone is not cleaned, etc.
third: E. coli (joint Yan)
brokens generally send more in chicks or later with E. coli sepsis, chick feathers are messy, afraid of cold tissue, thin, out of group; looked with white dung, contaminated white feces around the anus; two wings, joints, joints Paralysis is swollen, it is difficult to stand up. In many cases, this situation will happen in single-legged walk. The symptoms of bags in the later stage, and the joint barriers are placed in the middle of the white-colored rice soup. Reasons for pathogenesis: Chicks are generally large, and have a large factor in hatching pollution, the sensitivity of opening drugs, and some reason, chickens are generally more infected with concurrent infections.

Fourth: Viral arthritis
Sending a broiler 3-4 weeks. Chicks have infected, but do not have to issue, and the disease spread is faster. It is easy to have a large wetness in the previous period, serious onset, severe paralysis, dark redness is dark, is not sudden death.
1,15-20 days, the blood vessels occurred in the joint, blue, highlighting the epidermis, the feed water is basically no change;
2, 20-25 days, the joints are slightly swollen, dark red or cyan;
3, 20-30 days, the paralysis increased, the food is not increased, every day, it will be put into the chicken, 1000 only, 20-30 per day, the drug is not obvious; 4, 30-40 days, big Most of this receiver, the amount of food is not followed by the sky, and the chicken is maintained between 3 two 2 to 3 two 8, and the dead range can be up to 0.5% -0.3%. Various sampleure, there is a white rice soup, green feces, yellow and white manure, etc.
Causes of pathogenesis: seed chicken infection, chicken shed infection virus, continuous chicken sheds, humidity, etc.
Fifth: Small intestine coccidia
, Coccidi will happen, just light and heavy, and the chickens are relatively heavy, the chicken is dull, the chicken wings is sag, the feathers are zero, and they are reluctant to move. There are many cases, the feed is like a manure, and the severe ventilation brown or red carrot is stool, there is a pungent smell, and there is more posture in the later period, two legs forward.
The cause of the disease: Generally, most of the humidity is large, the air flow is not good, and there is more caused. The land is particularly prominent.
Sixth: vitamin or calcium phosphorus is not enough
Generally, there are more occurrences around 10 days, generally, due to insufficient activity, a chicken is only, scallop, or paralysis, femoral head is easy Break the situation.
Seventh: Staphylococcus
Leg swelling, skin purple is the main symptom, foot pad, toe and surrounding tissue forming spherical swelling, forming arthritis.
Causes: Chicken Staphylococcus is a contact infectious disease caused by S. aureus or the like. Generally, there are more traumatic infections, especially chicken pox.

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