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First, the cause of the variety has a low reproductive ability of its own breeds, causing a small number of production.
, such as: Petrland, Dolock, etc., due to the variety, the number of production is very difficult, in the mother-of-breeding process of merchandise pigs, can only focus on the body and lean rate of pig breeds, Ignore the reproductive ability, try to avoid the blood of the variety of fewer children, it is recommended to choose long white or big white pigs.
Second, the age of the age and the number of pigeons affect the number of births, while affecting the number of people.

The preparation of the preparation of the preparation of the preparation of the preparation of the preparation of the preparation of the preparation, small number of ovoes, fewer production;

3-5 bonus reproductive performance, number of production and production The highest,

6-7 sows after the birth of the child decreased, and the number of production and the number of people were declining.

And due to physical strength, the process of fatigue is prone to fatigue, the time is too long, causing a dead tire ratio, to strengthen the midwise of low and high fetal pigs in production, reduce production Intervals.

Third, the cause of feeding

1 This idea is incorrect and must be corrected.
2 Phosphorus cannot be absorbed, and the fluorine content exceeds the standard, which affects the number of parents and the number of people in the production.

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Fourth, management

1 The variety of growth is too fast, breeding is too early, not reaching sexual maturity, causing a reduction in the number of births, the breeding of the rear sow should be above 7 months, weigh 120 kg.

2, there is no control before the breedingLove

There is no restricted feeding, causing the breeding, the weight is too large, and the number of production is reduced.

Basic sows are broken after milk, abortion and returning mother pigs have fatty, affecting the number of eradications of the mother pig, which affects the number of people.

3, there is no short-term price before breeding

In order to increase the number of ovulation, the reserve sow is 3-4 weeks before the breeding of the sow, the milk mother pig is short-term feeding, feeding the full price Feed, increase feeding to increase the number of ovulation.
4, the amount of feeding during pregnancy is unreasonable

2 kg of pregnancy, 2 kg per day, the moderate amount of 2-2.5 kilograms per day, 3-3.5 kg of feeding daily, while The individual condition of the sow is adjusted at any time.
5, the sow should be overcharge

such as whip, frightening, fighting, climate change, cold heat stress, etc. can cause the fetus to reduce the number of beds.

Fifth, other reasons

1, the vaccination time is unreasonable

During the pregnancy, minimize the injection of the vaccine to reduce the impact of the vaccine injection on the fetus .
2, the influence of the disease

Many epidemic diseases can cause breeding disorders, causing the number of births to decline, dead, mummy ratio increases.
such as blue ear disease, swine fever, pseudohavis, fine virus disease, brain, foot-and-mouth disease, pig Director, Streptococci and swine flu. The number of sows produced by infectious diseases and the reduction in the number of people in the production is complex, and the symptoms are complicated, and it is difficult to determine whether the serological examination is difficult.

During the feeding management of sows, the following points should be paid to the following points:

1, strengthen epidemic prevention, reduce the infection of foreign wild toxia.
2, reducing the area of ​​extracted pigs, because the health status of the pigs in each region is different, and the reduction area reduces the chance of infection. Reduce the number of income, do not introduce from the epidemic area. After the introduction, it is quarantined to prevent the introduction of infectious diseases.
3, regular sows for serological examination, and the immune work of various vaccines for the health of pigs.
4, strengthen feeding management, reduce the reduction in the number of people due to management.

5. Select a pig species having high reproductive performance when introducing, and improve the production efficiency of sows.

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