Several reasons for the rupture of egg hepators

Caged egg chickens are prone to liver rupture, especially in the post-egg peak and postpartum, resulting in sporadic chickens. First, the egg helicic liver is more excessive egg chicken, most of which have begun to death in 300 days. Symptom performance: excessive obesity, large amounts of fat in the abdominal cavity, liver swollen, yellow greasy, texture is extremely brittle and fragile. Demolic hepatic liver and liver liver is increased. 2 Feeding of high energy low proteins for a long time, lack of protein. 3 Choline, methionine, vitamin B12, vitamin E Participate in proteins, lack of these nutrients in feed, affecting fat delivery. 4 molds, toxins can be impaired by liver, causing liver dysfunction. Treatment method: 1 1-2g of choline per kilogram of feed, treatment for one week. Severe chicken no treatment value. 2 Add a composite VB + birth phenol in the feed while liver and kidney Shu Ning drink water. 3 Adjust the feed formula or reduce the energy of the feed, pay attention to the amount of corn should not exceed 60%. 4 Do not use mildew feed to the chicken, add milder to the feed in the feed medium. Second, the liver of the scared egg chicken is brittle, and the liver rupture is prone to scared in the cage. When the chicken house enters the rat or bird, or catch the chicken, caught the chicken, so that the chicken is frightened, causing a group, will cause liver rupture. There are also some disease factors that will also cause liver rupture, bleeding, such as: three, incubation of the hepatitis egg chickens in 18 weeks, 3-4 days after infection, death, 5 days after death, disease 10-14 days. Symptom: Exhaust white water manure, chicken pale, liver swelling, fading, fragile, liver on atriform bleeding. Kidney and spleen swelling, bleeding point. Prevention and treatment method: 1 Strengthen feeding management and reduce the stress of the chicken. 2 Add gold VC-80, astragalous polysaccharide hydrostation in the feed. 3 Use the quality of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients to protect the liver mixture, and it is recommended to use liver and chimeches; simultaneously with antibacterial drugs. 4 Controlling the occurrence of chicken infectious richest diseases can reduce the occurrence of the disease. Fourth, eucalyptus hepatitis has occurred in the young chicken or just opened her hens. Symptoms: After the examination, it is found that a belly blood, the liver is broken, the liver is large, pale or soil yellow, the liver surface and the essence have yellow, star marminal small necrosis points, necrotic district, or liver film There is a hematoma. Prevention and treatment measures: 1 Strengthen feeding management and improve the sanitary conditions of chicken houses. 2 Recommended for 20% of 200 kg or 20% fluorcene per kgTake 400 kg of water per bag, for 5 days. 3 liver and kidney Shu Ning water, prevent liver disease, promoting liver function recovery. 4 Do a good job in feeding management, and strengthen the indoor chicken disinfection. V. Hepatitis Symptoms: hepatitis, red liquid or blood clot in the abdominal cavity. The liver is usually brittle, colored and red, yellow or yellowish lesions, and blood clot attached to the film. Infected chicken spleen mild to severe swelling, sometimes white lesions, infected with chicken ovary, but some chicken ovary is normal. Prevention and treatment: 1 Strengthen feeding management and reduce chicken stress. 2 Application of Qing Dynamic, Fuzheng FTs, anti-virus, slow down the spirit of the chicken, and eat the status. 3 liver and kidney Shu Ning water, prevent liver disease, promoting liver function recovery. Six, mold toxin poisoning symptoms: acute poisoning: liver congestion, swelling, bleeding and necrosis, color yellow white, gallbladder filling. Chronic poisoning: common liver hard change, size, yellow color, and white dot or node lesions, individual can see liver cancer nodules, accompanied by ascites. Prevention and treatment measures: 1 Strengthen feeding management, clean water, and feed clean troughs. 2 Do not feed mildew feed; feed medium is added to Meliboli. 3 There are already symptoms of toxin poisoning, and mildew water is added to the water, and the liver and kidney Shu Ning is used, and it is used for 5-7 days.
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