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After the birth of the rabbit is very fragile, especially the weather now, if there is no one behind the rabbit, it is easy to have casualties, pay special attention.
1, 冻
The bornborn rabbit is poor due to poor body temperature adjustment, it is easily freeze, especially after birth, the born rabbit, if management is not reading, the temperature is too low, no one duty, The female rabbit is brought into the box, or because the female rabbit is lack of milk, the rabbit “hanging milk” is brought into the box, and it is easy to cause the bunny to die.
2, starving
After the rabbits were born, it mainly relying on breast milk to maintain nutrition. Some of the niche rabbits, especially the beginning of the rabbit, and will not take care of the rabbit, or lack of milk. Do not give the rabbit breastfeeding, hungry to death, if you don’t deal with it, you will cause the rabbit and weak death.
3, mouse
The most prudent to the mort is most likely to suffer from the murder, the light is a bit bite, especially in the 5 days after birth, some rabbits are not good, the rabbit is dead The mouse is up to 30% -50%. Tel: 0374-8136766
4, Disease
The disease resistance of the rabbit is weak, especially for yellow urine, coccidi disease, if the rabbit has eaten milk with breast inflammation, can cause acute enteritis, Excluding the stinky yellow manure (yellow urine) will soon cause death.
5 rabbit. Consult QQ: 2627108897
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