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I. “Respiratory Road” is a respiratory disease?

The respiratory tract in the aquaculture is a topic of the old man talking. It is also a very stubborn respiratory disease. Anyone can express the symptoms of respiratory tract. So, in daily life, as long as the symptoms of respiratory tract symptoms are a bit too blind, some cases, the respiratory drugs have a lot, just not to improve, why? Because you didn’t find the cause of respiratory symptoms:

1. Physical respiratory track: This situation is prone to a farm in winter, farming conditions, is not well ventilated, leading to harmful gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc. in the house, resulting in increased transportation of 14-hour poultry / WeChat / QQ uniform number: 15726200639 Doctor, stimulating the mucosal tissue of the respiratory system, the body makes a defensive reaction, secretes a large amount of mucus to hinder the harmful substance into the respiratory system, causing a respiratory symptom in the body. At this time, it does not improve the breeding environment. It is also not obvious at this time!

2, summer breathing: high temperature high heat can also cause respiratory tract, chicken breathing system is more complicated, nine airbags, distribution In the abdominal cavity and chest. High temperature results in an increase in the temperature of the body, an increase in oily secretion in the body, which penetrates into the airbag by penetration, which can cause a transient respiratory symptom, especially too obese chicken. (You may encounter this situation, when you are hot at noon, you can hear the chicken, there is no snoring at night.) This situation has no effect.
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3, pathological respiratory tract: (this situation will be treated).

1 Bacterial: Escherichia coli, infectious rhinitis, pulmonary white diarrhea.

2 viral: new city disease, flu, back branch, throat, chicken pox, etc.

3 Mildew: A chronic respiratory tract or the like. Second, “Fahsheng Capsules” is infectious Classics?

First, Fahrenheitial is a body-liquid immunization of the midst of the body, and the Fahrenheit sac is a special structure of a poultry, and is above the purple cavity, and the capsule wall is filled with lymphatic tissue. The cell population is active, mature and differentiated into another subpopulation of lymphocytes in an organ or tissue of the miracitnes, and is called B lymphocytes. B cells are active by generating antibodies. The antibody is present in the body fluid, so the immunity of B cells is called “body fluid immunity”.

As long as the disease causes a defensive reaction in the body, it will cause a change in Fah’s sac, including a red saccharin, bleeding, and secretions. Avian influenza, infectious Fahrenheit sac, Ankara disease, etc., will result in Fahisa blood sac bleeding, so it is judged that the disease should be comprehensively judged.

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Third, “Genoma]

1, Physiological Bleeding: Summer Heat Stress can also glandular hemorrhage, high temperature weather It causes too high of carbon dioxide in the body, resulting in an acidic body in the body, so that the adenophyte secretion function will excessive excitement.
2, drug bleeding: drugs, and poisoning phenomena caused by mold toxins can cause glandular bleeding. Typical is sulfonamine drug poisoning.

3, pathogenic bleeding: 24-hour bird disease exchange telephone / WeChat / QQ uniform number: 15726200639 Doctors, chickens only have new city diseases, gonadorous bleeding, mainly concentrated on the accents of gland nipples. When the flu is influenza, the chicken whole glicout, including the nipples, is dispected, and when the gonidity branch, the chicken gland nipple is depressed, the edge bleeding. At the time of Fahs’ Claust, the gigmates of the ganda and the stomach are bleeding. Fourth, “Package Packed Liver” is E. coli disease?

“Package liver” is actually a kind of exudative inflammation. Of course, the E. coli infection can cause the pathological phenomenon of “packaged heart liver”, but not only E. coli infection can cause “packing heart liver” phenomenon, and Salmonella can also cause a package of liver.

1, cardinal “package”

In summer, the chicken group is in thermal stress, resulting in elevated body blood pressure, cardiopa arterial congestion, pulmonary hypertension, causing heart-packing liquid, long-term Exhibit cellulosetic inflammation, “there is a pathological change” only the heart without liver “.
2, the airbag “package heart liver”

There are high temperatures in the house, and the dust is in winter, dust enters the chicken airbag, causing chronic aseptic inflammation, if it is not possible Effective improvement of the environment, for a long time, cellulosetic inflammation occurs, and finally cause vessel inflammation, it will cause ventum sac.

3, the respiratory type “package heart liver”

When the outer external respiratory tract inflammation is transformed into pneumonia, the nasal, the trachea will have a white yellow sputum, and the lungs have bleeding inflammatory Output or pulmonary edema occurs. Cardiocytic fat, cardiopulmonary circulation disorder, causing fiber samples on the pulmonary side of the chest air bag, derived from the heartbacter, causing the fibrosis, causing ventum sac.

4, kidney “packaged heart liver”

nephrid, renal lapse film fibrosis, etc., spread to the abdominal balloon, after the chest airbag, eventually causes “packing liver”.

Summary: The above is a symptom, does not mean a disease, any pathogen starts almost all causes defensive changes in the organism, if it is wrong, it will cause the body to be dirty Injury, the neutral damage, which is the middle and late stage of disease, will lead to serious casualties.

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