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518 Breeding Technology Network News, in the construction of sheep house, everyone will play with the ground, do not know what kind of ground should choose, the ground is the place where sheep is resting, excreted and produced, is an important part of Sheepstock buildings There is a direct impact on the health of the sheep. Usually, the sheep house is high as 20 cm. Due to the large difference in China’s southern and northern climate, the selection of the ground must be taken from the ground.
The sheep house has the following types:
(1) Soil ground belongs to a warm ground (soft ground) type. The soil is soft, and the elasticity is not smooth, easy to heat preservation, low cost. The disadvantage is that it is not strong enough, it is prone to small pit, not convenient to clean and disinfection, easy to form a humid environment. Can only be adopted in a dry area. When using soil, it can be mixed with lime reinforcing loess, powdered lime and loose powder of the powdered pots are mixed with a gray soil. It is also possible to use lime: clay: gravel, broken bricks or slag = 1: 2: 4 or 1: 3: 6. Generally, the amount of lime is 6% to 12% of the total weight of the lime soil, the larger the lime content, the higher the strength and water resistance.
(2) The brick floor belongs to a cold ground (hard ground) type. Due to many pores of bricks, small thermal conductivity is small, with certain insulation performance. Adult emethyst sewage is more susceptible to sewage, it is easy to cause a bad environment, but since the brick floor is easy to absorb a lot of moisture, destroy its own thermal conductivity, the ground is easy to become cold. After absorbing water in the brick, it is easy to break, plus the characteristics of itself, easy to form a pit, not convenient to clean disinfection. So when using brick floor, tiles should be established and should not be tiled.
(3) The cement floor belongs to the hard surface. Its advantages are strong, not water, easy to clean and disinfect. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, the ground is too hard, strong thermal conductivity, poor insulation. To prevent the surface of the surface, the surface can be made as a few. The sheep house in the cement floor is best to set up a wooden bed, to rest, bed.
(4) The drain floor can provide a dry odor to the sheep, and the sheep field can be used. Typical drains foreignly leaks in foreign countries, in order to enclose the double-slope, the span is 6.0 meters, and the floor drain is 50 mm, the thickness of 25 mm, and the gap is 22 mm. The double-row trough channel is 50 cm wide and can provide a relatively suitable environmental conditions for the lands. There is a drain on the flue of the activities in China, in order to clean the feces. wood32 mm wide, 36 mm thick, 15 mm wide. Or use a cement strip with a thickness of 38 mm, a width of 60 to 80 mm, with a spacing of 15 to 20 mm. Driving or galvanized steel wires should be less than the hobs area to facilitate the removal of sheep manure and the hob should not fall. The driver’s floor sheepstut needs to be equipped with sewage treatment equipment and the cost is higher. Some sheep farms in China and some Chinese farm have been generally adopted. In order to prevent moisture, this type of sheep can throw a plastic chip in the next day, and it should be cleaned up in time to avoid contaminating the air.
(5) In the Southern Weather, Wet Areas, with a Hanging Floor Sheepstake, Sheep House is 1 to 2 meters from the ground, and the hung house is sheep house, and it is a slope of the gelatin. Connect, the floor is the wood bar driver. This kind of sheep house is characterized by a height, moisture, ventilation and ventilation, and simple structure. Usually, the feed room, the lamb room can be placed in cement or bricks to disinfect.
(6) Automatic saffering, making modern culture, is a model of modern sheep house, changing the traditional artificial saffin mode, sheep house is health, helps the health of the sheep, saving labor, decrease Cost of production. (518 farming technology network)

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