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I. Pond disinfection
1, raw lime custom pond: a, dry water Qingtang law, use life lime 50-75 kilograms / acres full tunnel disinfection, 7 days after disinfection, water depth, water depth, water depth required to fish fish; B , Water clearing pond method: water depth of 1 meter with rawlime 125-150 kg / mu. First put the flowers in the tissue into lime water, carry out full swing (including a pond, four-week pond), 7 days after disinfection, fish test water, the test water point is located on the tail pool. 2, tea bran, bleached powder, Qingtang: 35 kg per 1 meter deep pool, 15 kg of bleach powder, should be a piece of tea in the first 1-2 days before the Qingtang, add water with a small pool to add water soaking . When administered, mixed with a bleaching liquid and tea bungee to mix into disinfectant to spill, the test water operation is the same as the flow of lime. 3, fishing gear disinfection: use sunlight to make fishing tools for disinfection work: It is about to put the sunlight in the sun. 2-4 hours. 4, Cuver Island Aquaculture Disinfection with Biomaikinioma: 1 week in the pond, use 100 ~ 300 times the diluent of the biological EM bacteria, the anti-sewab, bleached powder, etc. The pond is sprayed to disinfect and purify it. Each acre of water, 2.5 liters of this biological EM bacteria were used. Second, the Internet box disinfection: Internet box disinfection is the same as the fishing gear disinfection method. After disinfection, the large nylon bag with good sealing effect is preserved or disinfected in the 5-6 days before the fish species, after disinfection Hanging immediately on the home box, waiting for the fish species. Third, choose fish species: the standard of purchasing fish species, should choose the specifications, the back muscles thick (ie, the fat is full of fat), the body color is bright, the scales are complete and lossless, the water is active, and the water is strong, and the body surface No injury and no parasitic parasitic. Fourth, fish species: 1, dipping disinfection method: dipping drug and time drug name concentration water temperature (° C) dipping time (minute) salt 3-4% 3-5 bleach powder 10 g / 1 cubic water 10-1515 -20 20-3015-20 2, transportation disinfection method: That is: A, 1-1.5% of the birth salt. B, each 50 kg of fish species with a penicillin of 800,000 international units.1, pond farming: It is a numerous numerous breeding method, which is much more specified, and the density is relatively large, and most of them are more manual feed. 2, Shantang Reservoir, River Rivers: It is a plasticized way. After the 1980s, the small Shantang Reservoir and Rivers have also begun to implement the production method of intensive artificial payment. 3, the cultivation of Han: It is a family fish fishing fishing fish with a 10,000 square meter of water. 4, the cage of the fish, uses the mountain reservoir, river, lake water body to make several cubes or dozens of cubes, and implement high-density fish model. 5, high-density water supply: It is a way to carry out high-density refined fish using a certain elevation effluent pool water. Pond treatment: 1 week before the pond is released, the insectic fluid produced by the dilution of the biological EM bacteria with 100 ~ 300 times the dilution of the biological EM bacteria, which is produced by the antibiotic fluid, which is substituted with the antibiotic EM bacteria. Spray the pond and used to disinfect and purify them. 2.5 liters per acre of water. Water quality purification: 3 to 10 days prior to stocking, splashing the dilution of the biological EM bacteria with a dilution of the biological EM bacteria. Depending on the water quality, starting 15 days, after a month, the water quality is poor, properly shortening the sprinkle time. It is used in a 15-acre surface (1.5 meters or less). Pond batch fermentation: According to the pond base, Cui Green Island Aquaculture Biomini, brown sugar = 500: 1: 1, add appropriate water, mixed accumulation of 7-14 days. Add: Press 0.2% of the amount, evenly sprayed on the bait. Treatment of animal bait: When feeding fresh animal bait, press 0.1% to stir well. Disinfection: use 200-500 times Emperor’s aquaculture to spray and disinfect the cultured tools such as the cultivation tools such as the cultivation tools and fishing nets. Aquatic products preservation: use 10 times the green island seafood produced fresh living agent, spray the water and water tank every 1-2 days, extend the freshness of the aquatic product, and keep the meter luster. Cuver Island Biotechnology recommends a preservation agent from Japan’s Cui Green Island Seafood Gas Production, which is made of photorated flora, lactic acid flora, yeast group, Gram-positive amplifier flora, fermentation-like flora, etc. The 5 categories, more than 80 kinds of beneficial microorganisms. These floraThe collection, the principle of the action of the product. Cuver Island Biological Seafood Generation Preservatives, improves aquatic temporary development rate! Can improve the activity and quality of life of seafood, thereby reducing the mortality rate in the proceal, extending the time of life! This is because Island bio-preservation agents are the original liquid in Japan, a bottle of 100 ml of stock solution can handle 10 tons of water, and the microbial is more likely to survive. The use of seafood produces preservation agents is very simple, a bottle of 100 ml of stock solution, after dilution with 1L water, directly throwing a small water body and stir well, in the truth, the more good, the original liquid is put on, the better Seafood water products have no bad effect. But invested more, it will cause traumatic costs. Therefore, there is also a good cost-effective question when used.
100 ml of the stock solution, can be used for 10 tons of water (ie 10 cubic meters of water), 100 m7 green island seafood aquatic products temporary biological preservation agent is diluted with 1 liter (2 kg) water, can be treated 10 tons of water (ie 10 cubic meters of water), the treatment cost of one ton of water is only 3.8 yuan, which is much cheaper than the price of aquatic preservation products on the market.

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