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Shanxi Province Xilongquan Animal Husbandry Beef Cattle Breeding Base, “Central Seven Set” Agricultural Economic Columns Interview Unit, is a high-yield Yutan cow, a well-species New Zealand black and white flower cows, Australian dairy, Simmental cattle, Charlota cattle, profit Mu Zanniu, fattening cattle, calf, small bull and other milk beef cattle, dairy cattle sales supplied large dairy cows. The existing milk cows (including dairy cows that are dispersed to rural personnel) have reached 10,000. Located in the west of the county in the county, it is close to the “滹 滹” in the south bank, there is a “five mountain” in the east, and there is a tourist attraction “禹 王洞” and “hot spring resort”, Northeast Tong Du, Lihe Railway and Jingyuan, Yuku Railway is interlaced, convenient transportation, vast land, water fat grass, beautiful natural conditioning conditions. The original state-owned dairy farm asset restructuring is a new large-scale joint-stock dairy cows farm. There are more than 30 years of farming history. Overhead, the quality, perfect service, production, service nation, aimed to develop The township economy, revitalize the Chinese nation, and provide more than 20,000 provinces and cowards nationwide, collective, individual cattle farms, Henan dairy farm, Hubei dairy farm, Jiangsu dairy farm, Anhui dairy farm, Yunnan dairy breeding Field, Jilin Dairy Farm, Jiangxi Dairy Farm, Heilongjiang Dairy Farm, Liaoning Dairy Farm, Shaanxi Dairy Farm, Shanxi Dairy Farm, Sichuan Dairy Cow Farm, Guizhou Dairy Farm, Beijing Dairy Farm and other large farms . Everyone calls the dairy variety here, high milk, good service. Our field has been rated as an excellent dairy breeding enterprise by the Shanxi Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Bureau and the agricultural departments. Development tenet: Everything is customer, farmers, doing well before, after-sales technical guidance. Our existing big batch of fattening cattle, milk cows, black and white flowers, small cows, black and white flowers, Miumen, Charlota cattle, Limuzi cattle and other sale, the cow variety is purely adaptable, good feeding, Growing fast, good development, can be made of cow. During the customer’s selection process, do not sell, freely selected, strict quality, strict quality, and ensure pure quality. Varieties have strong ability to adapt, resistance to cold resistance, fast growth, balance, and high efficiency, deeply affected by farmers across the country.
The main dairy variety of our field is: good breed, Qutan cows, high quality, high milk production, easy breeding, etc.
Dairy price reference is as follows:
1, small cows, 3-80 months Price: 15About 00-2000 yuan;
2, the price of 10-16 months is: 2200-3800 yuan;
3, the first pregnant cow, pregnant in 3 months or more price is: About 5,000-8000 yuan;
4, the second child to the fourth child, pregnant for more than 3 months, milk cattle price above 30 kilograms of milk is: about 6500-8500 yuan;
Beef cattle variety is: West Gate Tarn, Charlotley cattle, Limuzi cattle, Haiford cattle, Angers cattle, and cattle (import) such as fattening cattle, the price is reasonable to ensure quality. The price is: 300-500 kg of 1500-2500 yuan. 600-900 kg of 2800-4500 yuan.
Special high-grade cows and varieties of beef cattle, with quality discounted price. Specific prices are in accordance with the size, age, 膘膘, color, production milk amount and milk chinensis, etc.. All the above prices are all true, they will never report to false. China’s milk beef cattle supplier business shop address: Contact: Mr. Fu Phone: 15835061389

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