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What kind of feed is the shelf? Now the market is not good, farmers are reducing costs, but will affect the growth of cattle, then there is no food to reduce the growth of the shelf. Growth? Beijing Chilechuan Friendly Tips: The fastness of cattle growth is not the feed, the variety, management, and environment of the cattle. The cattle is regularly deworming, generally for 3 months to drive a worm, variety choice: Simmental, Charlotley, black and white flowers, Limang praise and other modified varieties. Chilechuan is designed for 2016 new yak pre-mixed formula for nearly a few years. Low cost, good effect. Customer feedback can effectively improve the level of calf, feeding for more than a month, body type, skeleton is better than that did not use Chicchuan calf shelf feed, you only need corn, wheat bran, soybean meal is OK, Chilikawa calm 50 pounds of cattle pre-mixed packs, with 1000 kg feed, low cost, good effect. Yak Premium Product Introduction: [Size = 10.5000pt] 1, promote the formation and development of yak shelf, improve growth potential, promote the weight loss weight loss after the post-end period; [size = 10.5000pt] 2, the cow is used to use the physical and healthy, The surface is neat and smooth, and the leather is bright; [size = 10.5000pt] 3, add rumen microbiological regulators, improve the rumen function and digestive tract environments, balance the yin and cation, improve feed utilization [Size = 10.5000pt] 4, supplers the calf The desired vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, mineral elements, etc., improve the immunity of calf, effectively prevent the occurrence of various diseases of calf; [size = 10.5000pt] 5, significantly promote bone opening, development, increased body type, which is beneficial to meat fat, weight loss; professional, high quality, Chicchuan – trustworthy brand! Consultation order hotline: 400-669-8210 17777836390 (WeChat), QQ: 453458436 Chilechuan WeChat: Please search CLCFEED Follow Chilechuan WeChat, participate in the activity to draw a big prize!

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