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And the province, fast province – a large savings, provoke the disease, trouble, fast — fast, fast out 4% beef cattle special composite premix [main features] 1. The probiotics and Chinese herbal extracts have been added, completely decomposed on forage, absorb completely, saving forage, can effectively reduce feces crafarties. 2. This product has added a variety of rare elements and unknown growth factors. It is especially true for the late fertilizer effect of cattle and sheep. 3. Supplement nutrition, long meat fast, strong, fitness. [Material composition] Vitamin, rhemetrin, cellulase, choline, methionine, lysine, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, sulfate, sulfate, sodium selenite, cobalt chloride, potassium iodide, antioxidants , Calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium carbonate, salt, etc. Carrier: submerged powder. [Drug content] Mooneng bacteria: 2500mg / kg [compatibility tinten] Thai Miamens, bamboo mangomycin [stopping drug period] 5 days [specification] 2kg × 10 bags / piece [shelf life] 6 months [Precautions ] 1, the ingredients should be mixed and uniform; 2, after the package is opened, it will be used as soon as possible. Product person in charge: single Xiaodong Consulting: 18911559526 (Synchronous WeChat) QQ: 481408757 Company Lander: 010-60553558;

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