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There is a status quo in my country’s pig industry: 10% of the reserve sows never give birth to 1 child; 10% – ~ 15% of the sow in a lifetime only 1 child; 40% ~ 50% of sows were eliminated before the third child. The international standard is that at least 70% of sows can be produced to the third child. This gap is largely derived from the different ways of management of the reserve sow.

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In domestic, reserve sows and 1 fetal sow feeding management, oversized pig farms (referring to more than 5,000 sows) have been done (Recommended sow) P1 (1 fetal sow) a field, the rest of the sow, but most of the pig farms in most stock bars have not such awareness. In fact, the management of sow in P0-P1 is very important, especially for some lanaria, unstable pig farms. 15 years ago, we probably only 200 kilograms of demand for the sows, so the breeding weight is 120 ~ 130 kg, 2 to 3 times estrus can be breed. Nowadays, the mother pigs may be 225 ~ 230 kg of the mother pigs to think that they are aged. The corresponding breeding is at least 135 to 150 kg, and the requirements are at least 3 times in the sow. The number of pigs and weights of pigs is basically certain. If 24 weeks old is 168 days, the second estrus should be in 189 days, the third estrus may go to 210 days, so the post-shelf mother pigs are usually 210 The weight of the sky reaches 140 to 150 kg to breed. If the pig is only 110 ~ 120 kg of the pig, the pig is very high, and the head sow may have 40% to 50% elimination rate.
Generally speaking from the rear sow to start cultivating until the third child, the remaining rate is 70%. If there is no such proportion, we have a problem in the stage of the reserve sow, it may be that the time is too early, and the second is to cultivate problems, no matter the vaccine immunity.Do not grow up or grow, no variety requirements, or the understanding of the past mistakes leads to large sexual elimination. We have found that this is also corrective. In the breeding time, you should give the post-prepared mother pigs to make a while, and you can’t reach your weight, if this will harm the sows. Our sow is a sow, I hope it can have 5 to 7 births in the field, or weaning piglets to provide more than 55 heads. If a sow does not have 55 small pigs in a lifetime, I think the salory is a failure. Do a good job in management

After the mother pig purchase is approximately 50 kilograms, until 160 days we have established the files of the reserve sow, and put on the end. About 24 weeks were 168 days, the boar of December, male characteristics, high-quality boar, bonded back to the rear mother pig every day, if there is a pig ring to prepare a mother pig, the boar is guaranteed to each sow in the circle With 15 seconds of contact time, it is guaranteed twice a day, and 70% of the reserve sows after 21 consecutive days will have estrous records. After the reserve sow has been estrus, the next estrus time of the sow is roughly calculated. So, as long as it is a sow in the week, we can close them to the same circle, then do it on these pork body, such as red, green, blue, blue, labeled red, second week Marking green, the third week marks blue, then the next week is still red, then green, blue, and always keep a estrus sow, as long as this is the same state.
General reserve sow, the first estrus is not mixed, the second estrus is not breeding, the third time I need to see the number of days and time long. The basic principle is that the resell of mother pigs reach 150 kg and go to the breeding. Some new varieties, such as the future generation of the law, generally have to pass three kinds of estrus, and then we will calculate the next estrus. If it is too radical, it is eager to breed, will have an influence on the sows of the sow, so we have to consider the overall results of the sow’s life of 7 tires.
The above is the management method of the reserve sow that can be normal, but for those pigs that cannot be normal (about 10%), if there is no estrus, we will give it a needle. Have pregnant, and see these pig estrus in 7 days. If these pigs have 5 or 10 hair in one batch, they will make estrus records.Other still unsuitable pigs will be injected after 7 days, and they will be eliminated directly after a week. Therefore, the management of the reserve sow, generally, is generally 168 days, 189 days, and 210 days of breeding.

Doing a good job in environmental hygiene

There is also an optical environment. The rear sow need to be taken for 16 hours a day to reach 150 to 200 Luux. The sow is quiet, if the noise exceeds 75 decibels, it will feel upset, and will affect their estrus. In terms of temperature, the rearing sows are similar to the feeding conditions of fattening pigs, 10 to 18 degrees to raise fat pigs or reserve sows, but the temperature exceeds 28 degrees, and its emotion is also low. In terms of humidity, general scale farms, and the reserve sow farming humidity is controlled at 60% to 80%. However, the sanitary environment of the rear sow is strict than breeding fat pigs. If you are a drain, there is certainly no such conditions, but if it is a ground, it is at least more tange of fattening pigs every day. If the late sow is not high when the mother is estrus, it may lead to an endonal sow stage. A 15 square meter piglet, if it is a fattening pig, it may put 12 heads, but the average 1 head is required to have an area of ​​2.5 square meters, that is, the 15 square meters of pig circles only put the sows, because the mother Pigs have to have activity space and better ensure sanitation. Even so, the rear bonus pig house is also sahed more than fattening pigs. This ensures that the resembled mother pigs introduced from the outside can reach a success rate of 90%.

Required highlights do not need to be high

From the actual view, the reserve 90% success rate, this requirement may still be high, we and the temperature It is more accredited after contact with peers, animal husbandry, such a large sow, the success rate of the rear sow is a more suitable for 85%. Why do the success rate of the resembled sows are more appropriate? If the mother pig is a child, there is no topping, it is eliminated within 150 kg of the range, and when the fattening pig is sold, it does not affect the sales price. However, if there is no condition after matching, it will be very large if the impact of fat pigs sells prices, and may only have the original price (no birth to a child). In this way, it is better to eliminate it when it cannot enter the production group. For the reserve sows, we must do production.Calculate the business account, which price is eliminated. If this pig is clear, it is also giving a breeding, and it is still not possible, it is equivalent to a loss of 20%. Therefore, the success rate of the resembled sows should be OK as long as it reaches 85%. However, it is not the same as other companies to assess the way, we have been assessing that the lying rate after the 3 tires of the mother pigs reached 70%. If it is a success rate of resembling the success rate of the bacon, there will be a premature tendency, which may be only 50% of the rating of 3 times. It is not cost-effective from the entire life of the sow.
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