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In the current domestic shrimp breeding mode, water quality pollution, germplasm degradation, feed hyperlipid high, high protein, and farmed density are highly burdened. Under this situation, it will cause the shrimp and pancreatic lesions, plus the external arc, the invasion of viruses, and it is easy to make the shrimps resistance, the shell is not enough, the growth is slow, and the serious growth will lead to shrimp, enteritis, The liver pancreatic death, immunocarpiled diseases, severely affecting the survival rate and yield of shrimp farming. For the current situation of the current shrimp, the dragon’s dynamic guarantees a new product – the brimple crab special bile acid. Shrimp crab special bile acid optimizes the product process and formula, strengthens the content of goose deoxycholic acid, focusing on the protection of shrimp and crabs, preventing shrimp white, enterprobia, liver pancreatic death, etc. Increase the number of mu yields 10-15%. New products can be soluble in water, and no binders are required when used. The effect of shrimp crab special bile acid: 1, reduce the burden of shrimp, mitigation, improve the whitening, enteritis, peeking, etc. caused by shrimp, and improve the survival rate of shrimp, thus increasing the yield 10-15 %; 2, protect the liver pancreatic, strengthen the liver and pancreatic function, repair necrosis of the liver and pancreatic; 3, improve the immunity of shrimp, and resistance to stress; Slim hormones, which is conducive to normal shells of shrimp. Use shrimp crabs to be put into output of bile acids: outer pond breeding, shrimp, push seedlings 60,000 / mu (2-100,000 / mu), the year’s growth rate is 30%, the yield is 450 kg / mu / acre ( 40 / kg); after using shrimp crabs, after solving the liver and pancreatic problem of shrimp, it is increased by 5% of the survival, so that the number of yield increased by 75 kg / mu, the yield increased by 16.7%, press the shrimp 15 yuan / kg To calculate, the efficiency is increased by 1125 yuan / mu, and the use of shrimp crabs is put into 80-100 yuan / mu, and the output ratio is 100: 1125, about 1: 11. Shrimp crab special bile acid use: the whole process is added, one ton feed is added 1000 grams of bile acid. In the early stage of the blood pancreatic, improvement in 3-5 days; the mid-hepatic panasia is developed, and it is improved in 5-7 days. (Source: Longchang’s motivation)

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