Siamese cat’s eyes and ear how to care

src=http___img2.tbcdn.cn_tfscom_i1_3163839172_TB2eZsBuSJjpuFjy0FdXXXmoFXa_!!3163839172.jpg&refer=http___img2.tbcdn.jpg A pair of big eyes of the Siamese cat is where they can easily get into people. How to care for their eyes, make them bright and god forever?

Siam Cat eye care Health Siam cat’s eyes are bright, the owner can often use the wet cotton to remove excessive mucus around the cat’s eye angle, or clean the skin around the eyes. When the Siamese cat is sick or physical condition, it will be afraid of light and tears. When cat sick stream, tears, tears, tears, tears, tears. Just care for the eyes of the cat, when the cat tears, it is easy to attach the eyelid on both sides of the corner of the nasal side. This is the owner only needs to take 2% aqueous boric acid with degreasing cotton. Wipe it softly. When you make your cat sick, you should go to a veterinary, give it to timely treatment.

Due to the eyes of the eyes and the ear, as long as the ear has problems, the eyes will react quickly, and vice versa. Therefore, the ear should take care of it.

The nursing of the Siam cat is mainly to remove dirt on the ear, and the owner needs to regularly check the health, health status of the cat in the ear canal. The general owner can use 75% alcohol cotton ball to disinfect the ear canal, Use the cotton rod to take the olive oil or edible oil, infiltrate the dry ear, to be softened, use the tweezers to take out the ear, do not break the mucosa of the ear canal, prevent the infection of the suppurative. Once the cat’s external audio is infected, it can be easily scrubbed by the cotton swabs and the hydrogen peroxide, repeatedly scrubbing the cotton rod does not stick to the proliferation, and then use skim cotton to take the oxygen in the ear canal. Wash several times, infection can be healed. If the cat’s ear wad is too much, the cat shook his head and should be invited to treat the veterinary treatment.

Together with the cat, the most important thing is to focus on its hygiene and health problems. Xiaobian emphasized that it is a healthy body to give a good health, and it is also a premise that the owner is healthy, people’s pets.

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