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Sichuan a thousand cattle fields, since the high hectory cells in 2014, the disease is frequent, and the problem is full. This cattle farm has more than 600 bulls. It is very unsatisfactory in front of a brand micro-state product. The effect is very unsatisfactory. When the cattle is multi-party understands, choose our company’s products – the source of the milk.


Somatic cell can sample 70-800,000, CMT detection 2 +, 3 + cow only 165, clinical 16. Light pulling drank is only about 20%.

1) Clinical Breastfami Cow only uses the source of 300g / head · day (general 3-5 days), and then disappear to 100g / head The sky is consolidated for 10 days, then fed according to the prevention;

2) CMT detection 2 +, 3 + cattle only use the milk source 200 grams / head · Tiandi for 10 days, the detection body cells reach the normal value Feed in accordance with the prevention;

3) All group prevention usage: 30 grams of milk source / head · day.

Results Analysis:

Randomly extract 12 “++” and 15 “++” cattle only measured body cells, as shown in the following table.

1. It can be seen from the above table that only uses the source of the milk to achieve a very good effect at 10 days:

Use the former “+++” 20 milk zones, all improves after using the source of the milk, 8 CMT reactions are negative, 8 CMT detected as “+”, 4 CMT detection as “++”;

Use “++ ++ ++ “37 milk areas, all improve it after using the source of the milk, 30 CMT reactions are negative, 7 CMT detection as” + “;

Using the” + “Decamination area 9, use the source of milk After that, all improve, 9 CMT reactions are all negative.

It has been used for two months.

2. Top-type breasts in use, only 16 bulls, using milk from 10 days after 10 days, only 2 intractable old breasts, but only did not heal, butIt has also improved.

3. Use the source of the milk for two months, and the tank sample cell is stable in 20 to 300,000 / ml.

4. Among the previous 20% slight diarrhea only, now full of feces.

5. The whole of the cattle group becomes bright, the hair color is bright, the feeding capacity increases, and the feeding speed is accelerated.

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