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Sichuan Chengdu Feicor Yang Xiaob Shrimp Farm Base is Sichuan local crayfish brand, provided: Sichuan crayfish breeding, wholesale, supply, processing, is integrated with an ecological aquaculture base. Feifei Yang Xiaobian farming base is elegant, full of water, is a natural green breeding base! Sichuan Chengdu Feicor Yang Xiaobian breeding base
a large quantity of prawns supply. Quality wholesale, Feicor Yang Xiaoliu insisted on survival with quality! Develop technology! Strive to be stable with integrity! Providing quality after-sales service for our customers is our commitment! We insist on quality-oriented, adhere to contract, keep credit, quality service. We are willing to cooperate with domestic commits to provide high-quality variety of shrimp shrimp seedlings, and provide after-sales service such as cultivation technology guidance, commotic group repurchase. Welcome friends from all walks of life to come to inquire, investigate, and guide! Create a win-win!
Sichuan Feifei Yang Xiaobinfan breeding base

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