Signs of cats old

u=3225296394,2526243690&fm=26&gp=0.jpg The feeling of “my family is old”, the average is probably at the age of 8-10; the life of the cat cat is about 15 years old, but live more than 20 The cats above the ages are not rare. According to Jinshi World Records, in the UK and the United States, there is still a record of cats over 34 years old! 6cdadaa386b246468d43309a7368fa9c.jpeg iconic phenomenon

Demo skin:

Due to the deterioration of metabolism, lack of nutrition, hormone disorders, etc. The hair loss is increased, and the luster is lusted, it has been dry; while white hair seems to be as if it is in the same way. Like this change, long breeds will be more obvious than the female cats than the female cat. When it is too lazy because of aging, it will become more negligible, so the situation will become more serious. In addition, the skin will gradually become dark, lost moisturizer, denweed; original soft and elastic foot meat pad will begin to lose elasticity and become stiff.


Because it is often used as a front foot, it has changed much in front of it. Once you find, please wipe it softly as soon as possible! If you want to take it after your eyes is hard, you will resist your cat because of pain. Please use the paper paper after use.

Further, some cat’s eyes will appear symptoms of a film, since this may be due to eye diseases such as cataracts, or go to the hospital to check!

No mouth tooth:

From 5 years old, the dog’s teeth will gradually wear round. As the age is growing, the small pre-teeth in the canine teeth are called the door teeth will be detached in the order of the lower jaw, the order of the upper jaw, and the other teeth will gradually fall off. Due to the fall of the teeth, the bad breath is mostly caused by periodontal disease or stomatological inflammation, in order to avoid dental stakes, the best prevention method is to keep the teeth in a certain degree of cleaning when they are young. .


: Because it becomes uncommon to jet, the toenails will always grow long, when walking in a hard ground, toenails will collide with the ground to make a click. The toenails have been too long, they will hide in the meat padIt may cause bleeding, pain, let the cat go to the road to weird; if this happens, please bring it to the hospital. In addition, the original transparent toenail color will become white turbid, toenail is also easy to hook the curtain or carpet because it is exposed to the outside.

Action: is sleeping all day; do not play games; The outbound time is reduced; began to be 徊; use the same tone without meaning …. Both are because the body’s operating machine can be low, the muscle recession is caused. Please cooperate with the old love cat to create a comfortable safe living space.

As the age, the operation of the kidney began to recession, resulting in increased drinking water, and the number of urination will increase. In addition, because the instead of being insufficient, the peristalsis of the intestines will also be reduced, the body’s muscle recession, even in the potting pots, the time to be in the potty is also growing. If the cat is stunned, when the appearance of urination does look pain, it may be sick, pay attention.

Moreover, as aging, there will be problems in incontinence in places such as bedroom.

The reason may be because it is too troublesome to go to the toilet, and I have never going to go to the toilet, or there is no physical strength to go to the toilet, because the bladder’s sphincter has caused the urine to exist such a non-voluntary situation; It is because of muscle, bone arthritis, makes cats don’t want to walk. The above is the reason why the size is incontinent, first take the hospital to accept the examination before an operation is defined.

Brain nerve:

Once the age, smell, hearing, visual, etc. will recession, for the moving things, smell, sound, etc., the reactions, etc. will become slow, even It is no response. Some cats will not be able to grasp the surrounding movements due to their vision and hearing decline. If you are serious, you may have a forget to eat, and you have to eat again, you can’t make it unclear, even if it is also a symptom of reacting. However, it is called it but there is no response. It may be because the ear can’t be caught. It may be because of kidney disease. It may be because of the preferences of food. These people are easy to explain as dementia. Action, most It is caused by certain diseases. If you love catsIf there is an abnormality, please confirm that it is sick.

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