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Simmental cattle is produced in the Alps in the west of Switzerland, mainly from the plains and Saile Plains. There are also distributions in the country side of the law, Germany, and the OOS. Simmental cattle occupies only 50% of Switzerland, Austria accounts 63%, and the former Side is 39%. It has been distributed to many countries, and has become the most distributed in the world. The most amount of milk, meat, and use varieties. One. Since 1957, my country from Switzerland, West Germany, is distributed in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hunan, Sichuan, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Tibet, 200.
Simmental cattle is strong and adaptable.
Simmental Bull is a width cow, the corner is left and right, reverse forward, pick up the up. Simmental cattle European continental meat is used, and the muscle of the body surface is obvious. The muscles of the buttocks are full, the portal muscles are deep, and there is a circular shape. The hair is yellowish or red, the body often has a white chest strip, abdomen, tail, limbs on the flying and knee joint below. In the early 1982, the fattening test of Simmental beef cattle was carried out with a generation of 45-day fertility in the first generation and the second-generation cow, and the average daily weight: A generation of cattle was 846.1 ± 291.8 grams. The second generation cattle is 1134.3 ± 321.9 grams. From the end of June, the grazing trial was shown in the last 4 months of September, the average daily daily gain increased 1085 grams. In addition, the four grazing trials from the end of June to the end of September show that the average daily daily weight gain 1085 grams.
Flevien cattle (Germany Simtetal cattle) is hybridized by Switzerland Titar Cattle and Germany, and introduces some other varieties of blood, has a breeding history in nearly 150 years. Germany Flevien Niu Demin Sportar, mainly distributed in Bavaria in southern Germany, accounting for 80% of the total group, is a German dairy breeding expert. After years of systematic breeding, German Ximendal became The true smear complica system, the main characteristics of this product are: genetic stability, cow production is good, strong bulls have strong fattening, resistant to hard-resistant disease resistance.
In the 1980s, my country has introduced a number of Flewiki Niu (German Sports, Germany) from Germany and Austria, and the average of Fyevien is in Germany is: 4.8 tons of milk production. The cream is less than 4.0%, while the Sportar of Austria is introduced from Germany. According to the columns and related records, Flemei imported in the 1980sVikhiu is purchased from VFR (Bavarian Cultivation Promotion Association, BVN is one of its members). Due to mad cow disease, the exchange of China and German cow has been broken for 20 years. In these 20 years, Germany has entered a new period of Breeding in Flewich, and the improvement of frankness and meat quality is obvious.
Frevien cattle is large, weighted, neck; the body surface muscle group is obvious, the body is deep; the bones are thick and solid, the back waist is long and straight; the back is developed, the hip muscles are full, round Shape; the limbs are thick, the ball is firm, the hoovery, the department is dense, strong and strong; the cow breast is developed, with good adhesion, unimpletly tight, the vessels are obvious; the hair is mostly red and white, the head is more white, partially takenite; In front of the chest, lower abdomen, the lower part of the cotyon and the limbs is white. At present, the main production performance of Germany Simteten is as follows: the average production milk is 6768T, the average cream is 4.15%, the average milk protein is 3.50%, the average birth weight of the bull is 40kg, 18-19 months old weight can be reached 700-800kg, an average daily increase in 1400g.
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