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Many factors can affect intestinal health, thus affecting feed utilization and production performance of chicken groups, increase Production costs, extend the production cycle, so maintaining intestinal health is the key to determining the success of breeding.
1. Comfortable environmental conditions in temperature difference, high ventilation, high humidity, and large density, thereby activating certain harmful flora, causing these bacteria to active and overproduced, resulting in flora Disorder affects intestinal health. Therefore, we should clearly stress the importance of the intestines, control environmental conditions, ensure appropriate density, temperature and humidity and air quality.
2. High quality feed and water quality can directly cause the intestinal infection, and the acid-alkali of water can affect the physiological indicators in the intestine, so you should choose a fine water source to ensure fresh and clean water for the freshequity. At the same time, the mold toxins in the feed will stimulate inflammation in the intestine to cause the flora imbalance. Different raw materials will also change the composition of the intestinal flora, the size of the feed particles is uneven or the powder is too much to cause the feed conversion rate, which in turn affects the intestinal tract health. To this end, you should provide high quality feed to the infringement of intestinal pathogens, and promote intestinal health. 3. High quality additive coccidiosis is a common parasitic damage to the intestines. It is usually added to the feed to add ionic carriers in the feed, which can not only kill some coccidi oocysts. Immune effects, it is contemplated that such drugs are effective in controlling coccidiasis. The enzyme preparation can be an alternative product of antibiotic growth accelerators that achieve the purpose of promoting intestinal health by promoting feed digestion, degrading substances that cause excess fermentation of intestinal flora and cause digestive disorder. Probiotics can replace antibiotics by improving the balance of intestinal flora, sometimes replacing antibiotics, but when severe infections have occurred, it cannot replace antibiotics for treatment. Probiotics can inhibit and reduce pathogens of the intestines, enhance the immune function of chicken, so they can be added as antibiotic growth in the feed. The acidifying agent can reduce Salmonella and E. coli by lowering the pH of the coliform, planted on the intestinal wall to promote the growth of the normal flora. The toxin binder can be bonded or adsorbed with toxins in the feed to eliminate the damage of these substances on the intestine. Trace elements are also known as growthins, and its bioavailability is high.Less pollution, good premium. This topic was approved by 29625248 at 2020-6-18 08:57

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