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Simple identification of high and low egg ducks 2017-05-24 (1) When the duck neck is grasped, if the duck’s feet are straight, the toe stretching does not dance, it is high-yield egg duck; if the feet It is low egg ducks to be delayed and non-stopping. (2) The high-educated duck is protruding, the mouth is long, the mouth is wide, the upper and the upper and long, the bracel is wide, the feathers are neat, the feather is loose and losing; the low egg duck eyes are small, head The big neck is short, the mouth is flat, the haugus is narrow, and the feathers are muted, and the blood is tight, wrinkles, dry. (3) High-grade egg ducks are active, fertilizer, change the feather, the flocking time is short, the number of times is small. The low-proof duck replacement feather early, the flocking time is long, the number of times, the greed is so sleepy, and the light is long fat. (4) The eggshell of high-yield egg ducks is hard, with elliptical, gloss; low egg duck multi-production soft shell eggs and malformed eggs. (5) Change the feather, short time, the number of times, the lively is high-grade egg duck; contrary, change the feathers, long time, the number of times, the greed is so sleepy, the light is long fat, it is low. Oggar duck. Duck doctor Lao Zai mobile phone 13615110062 (6) How to accommodate 3 ~ 4 fingers, the end of the toe can hold 3 ~ 4.5, the wings base and the legs can accommodate 4 fingers; the toe bone is narrow, the abdomen is small and the abdomen is small The amount of physical short eggs is low and unstable. (7) Where the birth of the birth of the egg is strong, the sacchable food is fill, and the foraging rate of the duckling, and the sacchaow is not full. (8) Where the mother duck of the laying egg is sinking three-thirds of the duck, the tail is rumored, and agile. (9) Ducks that are long, abdomen, full of buttocks, and slightly drooping, indicating that their ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and other reproductive organs and digestive organs are well developed. Relaxable wet wet wet is high-yield egg duck. Xuzhou Xinmu Technology Department Duck Medical Lao Gequier

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