Since then, the trouble of get rid of chicken broncho!

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Obvious season, but now is a large area of ​​popularity, no seasonal characteristics, broiler bronchial embolism is relatively serious, the most serious respiratory disease, the disease is long, the treatment is not in time, the secondary infection is serious High treatment costs, mostly caused serious decline, high meat ratio, brought no economic losses to our farmers.

Clinical symptoms

When the chicken is sick, the symptoms are more obvious, everyone will look, but here, it is necessary to pay attention to a change in the early stage of the disease, mainly two aspects: respiratory pathology There is a process, from “吭哧” to “snoring”, in constant development, “snoring” is the sputum in the bronchi, and there are two different forms of sputum, the treatment of medication is different.

Administrative Cause: The early ventilation of the breastborn chicken often causes the occurrence of respiratory diseases. The external temperature is low, the chicken is in ventilation, the cold air blows directly to the chicken group, causing the occurrence of respiratory diseases. The fan design is not perfect, and there is a dead angle when ventilated, and the middle part of the middle part of the chicken house is the worst. The dust, dander, and fine feathers in the air of the huthouse are mixed with the sputum in the inhalation of the sputum to increase the viscosity of the sputum, and gradually form a trachea and bronchial embolism as the loss of moisture.

农 支

Treatment: a bag of 300 kg water, drink 4-5 hours to drink for 4 days, a bottle of hiking can replace antivirus and phlegm , The cost is very low, coupled with antibacterial drugs, from this to the bothering of the chicken bronchure!

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