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Recently, there are netizens to consult, saying that the pig is sick, 40 pounds, eat food, drink water, vomiting, and the whole body is shaking, what medicine should I use? Give the piglet with penicillin needle Hardyloine, stomach resistence, but still don’t care, what can I do?

According to this farmers, the pig is shaking now, it is recommended to give the pig size under the body, the body temperature is abnormal first Pig temperature adjustment is good. Second, pigs can judge the problems in the stomach, which should be specific to the stomach problem of piglets.

From the problems encountered by this pig, what are the major pigs that cause pigs and vomiting? What are the main pigs that have vomiting? The farmers can consider these diseases, come Medicated drugs to avoid entering the treatment misunderstanding.

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The disease caused by pig vomiting mainly:
Pig infectious gastroenteritis: pig infectious gastroenteritis, also known as the gastroenteritis of the young pig, is A highly exposed to infectious, viral infectious disease characterized by vomiting, severe diarrhea, dehydration, and two weeks old.

Pig flow-length diarrhea: a contact with intestinal infectious disease caused by pig flow trap diarrhea virus, characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration. Clinical changes and symptoms are extremely similar to pig infectious gastroenteritis, and they should pay attention to the process of treatment.
Pseudo-rabies: Purgent rabies virus priority mainly depends on the amount of virus and infection of the infected virus, as well as the age of infected pigs. Among them, the age of infection with pigs is the most important, and the young pig is infected with a false rabies.

Newborn pig-infected pseudohavir will cause a lot of death, the first day of the newborn piglet in the past, it is normal, starting on the 2nd day, 3 ~ 5 days is the peak period of death, some will be dead . At the same time, the hazard pigs show obvious neurological symptoms, sleep, 呜 叫, vomiting, diarrhea, once the disease, 1 ~ 2 daysDeath.
The piglets within 15 days of age are infected with the disease, the disease is extremely serious, and the death rate of the incidence can reach 100%.

Weaning piglets infected with pseudoivir virus, the incidence rate is about 20% to 40%, the mortality rate is about 10% to 20%, mainly as neurological symptoms, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Adult pigs are generally hidden infections, and if some symptoms are also very slight, it is easy to recover. It is mainly manifested as fever, depressed, some sick pigs vomiting, cough, generally recovered within 4 to 8 days.

Pig-shaped virus infection: sick pig spirit, loss of appetite, do not want to move, piglets rapid vomiting and diarrhea after breastfeeding, feces or paste, yellow white or dark black, dehydrated . The renovation rate is high, and the incidence is serious. Significant symptoms in the age of 10 ~ 20 days, when the ambient temperature is lowered, and the symptoms are increased and the mortality rate is often increased.
Pig round nematode disease: pig round nematode disease is a parasitic disease caused by the Lanta round nemates. Mainly harm 3 to 4 weeks old piglets, can cause severe smallitis. Sick pigs, slow growth, can cause death when infection is serious.

Pig stomach ulcer: gastric ulcer is an acute digestion and gastric bleeding caused a gastric mucosa, which is partially organized, necrosis or autologous digestion, thereby forming a circular ulcer surface, or even a gastric perforation. Gastric ulcer occurs in a variety of pigs, vomiting, black feces, skin, mucosal pale symptoms.

Prevention and treatment measures:

Since the swine fever currently has no treatment, the key to preventing and controlling the development of reasonable immune procedures and improves vaccination methods.

1. Strengthening feeding management

Do a good job in environmental hygiene, enhance pig disease resistance, regular disinfectants with good viral effects, such as regular pork circles on sodium hydroxide, etc. Use venue and other strict disinfection. Parlect sows and sows with breeding disorders.
2, a reasonable immunization process

is to prevent the introduction of infective sources and the media, and the new pig introduced by the field is required to go to the non-videopathy. After the raising ground, isolation is 4 ~ 3 weeks, and in time to prevent injection and insist on do a good job in quarantine.
Second, the meat pig adheres to 2 epidemic prevention every year, and the pig is vaccinated in the empty time.When the piglet is immunized when the pig is born, it is immunized, and the second immunity is carried out in 60 days. In view of the possible decrease in vaccine, it should be adapted to increase the immunot dose.
Strengthen vaccine management and unified operational procedures to ensure the quality of the vaccine. The vaccine should be transported, custodified, and the vaccine should be used to ensure the quality of the epidemic prevention, 1 pig should be 1 pig, do not fight the needle, the existence, the site is quasi-dose. Improve immune monitoring work, ensure the immune levels of pigs and vaccines, to regularly sample anti-body detection to determine immune time.

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