Six problems that scattered under rural forests should pay attention to solvement

One correct handling of the relationship with the isolation, cautiously do a good job in the site selection of the woodland, when choosing the forest land, can not only consider the management convenience, but do not consider epidemic isolation and environmental conditions. Linxia-based nursing should be cautiously selected, away from cement, fertilizer, chemical machinery factory, road main road, collective market, etc., choose relatively quiet forest land to reduce noise pollution; choose summer forest, winter sunshine Energetic, rainy season is not easy to get in or out of the hill flood, the terrain is relatively highly dry forest land, avoiding pollution such as air, dust, water source, pathogenicity and noise. The choice of woodland cannot be too remote, and it is necessary to consider the construction cost of the farming management area, hydropower, venue and other construction costs, including the transportation, technical service distance, time and disease prevention and control of material products. The second correct treatment is a simple and standard relationship, and the scientific build solid chicken house is somewhat farmers think that it is simple or randomly built a shot. In fact, it is important to scatter chicken, avoid rain, and cold-cold chickens, should be scientifically built and demanded. The northern chicken house is generally used to take the north facing south, that is, the wind is selected in the south side, and the winter can avoid cold northwest wind, summer can use the southeast wind or southwest wind as a dominant ventilation; chicken house 2.8 meters high, the front is 2.2 meters high, the door is 1.8 meters, the window is 1.2 meters, the window is 1 meter, and there must be 30 cm in square intake hole in each window in the south side. And a diameter of 25 cm is left at a corresponding medium beam. It is best to add a thermal insulation board outside the northern part of the chicken house, or use the quality of the plastic steel insulation plate. Three correctly handle the relationship between scale and efficiency, reasonably determine the density of the stocking, but any industrial development and resources must be a win-win situation. First, the cultured density is reasonable and cannot exceed the breeding capacity. General stocking densities should follow the principle of bails, and stock up to 150 to 250 per acre. The density is too large, the grass, insects and other bait are insufficient, and the flavor of the fine feed is increased to affect the flavor of the chicken. Of course, the stocking density is too small, the waste of forest land is large, and the ecological benefits are not obvious. For the size of the stocks, the size of the population is generally preferably suitable for each group, and the full-granted feeding mode must be taken, which must not be mixed or mixed with different batches. The relationship between stocking and bedding is handled, and the replenishment season in the right time is generally choosing in the Yangchun March to the late autumn. After the chick is removed, the chicken is placed in the forest, and the chicken can eat to teen. , Insects, antiquities sufficient lifeFeed, the chicken in the evening can be properly supplement to supplement the lack of feed during the stasis. In winter and spring, the holiday season should be appropriately stocked according to the weather conditions, most of the time should be dominated, feeding a sufficient amount of nutritious feed. 5 Correctly handle extensive and strict relationships, highly attach great importance to the comprehensive prevention and control of the diseases, although plague, but must establish a strict system. The tuning of the chicken group can be homed to homage, if the weather is mutated, the world is heavy rain, or the big wind should be reached in time, prevent the chicken from being caught by cold and induced colds, pulse and other diseases. Regularly do a good job in woodland feces cleaning and disinfection, for vaccine bottles, sick and dead chickens cannot be discarded, and harmless treatment measures such as deep buried, incineration must be taken. Strictly follow the scientific immunization procedures, doing a bird flu, new city disease, contagious bronchitis, French bladder immunization, and the ubiquitous infection of the chicken group is generally serious, such as chicken, 异 线 线, knee, 蛔蛔The infection rate is very high, and it is necessary to deworm once a month. Six-legged relationship between services and supervision, ensuring that the forest, healthy and healthy development animal husbandry sectors should be promoted, create a good development atmosphere, encourage private and social capital to enter the forest, and support local farmers to develop into leading enterprises. Or cooperative. Survival management must be strengthened on the basis of earnestly fulfilling the design, information consultation, training guidance, and vaccination. Require farmers to carry out production and operation according to the production and management standards of the industry. Establish quality record retrospective system, improve the use of veterinary drug feed, strictly prohibit the use of illegal veterinary drugs or feed, strictly implement the thader period regulations, and implement columnnary chicken health commitment guarantee system.

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