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The six reasons for the chicken pulleys, the so-called feed, but also known as the fool, refers to the feed of chicken into the belly, is discharged in vitro. Under normal circumstances, the chicken puller of the chicken farm is due to a certain disease, such as the chicken toxin poisoning, chicken intestinal bacteria disorder, chicken colon coccidia, chicken insect nematode, chicken strobacteria Enteritis, etc. The following is a detailed introduction: 1. We have issued a dedicated toxic toxin poisoning, and many nicknians believe that mold toxins are the root cause of many chicken. Whether you agree to this point, at least the chicken mold toxin poisoning will affect the digestive function of the chicken, resulting in the feed. And Meihua Group focuses on premix for 25 years, the company’s current main products have “and Meihua” brand multidimensional, multi-mine, core materials, premix, concentrate, full price and other livestock feeding products, and Meihua series veterinary drugs Product, in which the US E-series product is the functional egg chicken premix for the new development of Meihua Eggs, and the useful effect is very good. It is very good to use the new product of Meihua Group. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. Technical support: Tel: Tel: 15853106958QQ: 3332097010 WeChat: 15853106958 2. The intestinal bacteria disorder of the chicken will directly affect the digestive function of the chicken intestine. After the decline, the small intestine digestive function cannot be digested, resulting in the feed of the feed. In addition, the intestinal bacterial group disorder is easily thus breeding of Clostridia, making necrotic inflammation in coliantial tract, resulting in increased parenteral exudation, and there is a feed. 3. Chicken colonal push insects directly lead to inflammation of the small intestine while causing increased slurry oozing. The inflammation of the small intestine will greatly reduce the digestibility of the feed, so that the feed is excreted without digestion. If the chicken colonus is not treated in time, he will have a bleeding. 4. If the chicken has diseases such as aphid nematode, it will also cause inflammation to cause inflammation, reduce the digestive function of the chicken, and increase the growth of the feed. 5. Chicken In the process of feeding, intestinal damage caused by some reasons, resulting in falling into the intestinal mucosa. After the chicken is out of stock, the anaerobic environment formed by the intestinal mucosa is very conducive to the growth of Clostridia. The growth of Clostridia will cause necrotic inflammation in the intestinal tract, increase the intestinal exudation, resulting in the production of feeds. 6. Incident of some kinds of feed chosen to chicken households may also cause chicken pulleys.

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