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Introduction For thirty years, my country’s rabbit industry has experienced five big faders, encountered SARS, avian influenza and A-inquiry; spent two world financial crises, but this does not affect my country’s rabbit breeding industry continues to develop and grow And more scale, intensive pace is constantly growing, and there have been a number of excellent rabbit farming workers, and also put forward higher requirements for rabbit breeding technology. Rabbit disease prevention and control is one of the important links of rabbit production, and the biggest risk of rabbits is epidemics. Local popular or distributed diseases, making the rabbit farm suffer considerable economic losses, and encountering strong infectious diseases to bring devastating strikes to the rabbit farm. Therefore, rabbits must implement the policy of preventing weight. At present, there are quite a few rabbits, especially farmers, there is not enough attention to health disinfection work, the measures are weak, and the swings go through the field phenomenon, causing the entire epidemic prevention system to disconnect, there is a vulnerability, and the expected results are not expected. I can’t get old, my new disease is coming again. The more and more serious. Sanitary disinfection work is to eliminate the microorganisms of the disease, block their contact with the rabbit, is the most fundamental and most critical measures for disease prevention. Maximum clearing infection sources, re-cooperating with immunization, drug prevention, etc., ensuring the health of rabbits. Commonly used disinfection methods have a lot of sanitary disinfection, commonly used disinfection methods have physical disinfection law and chemical drug disinfection law. 1, physical disinfection method: cleaning, scouring, scrub, ventilation; such as mechanical disinfection law, is the most common, most basic disinfection method, easy to travel. However, mechanical disinfection does not kill the source body, which can reduce the source of stems in the environment, which is conducive to improving the disinfection effect of disinfection methods, and creates a clean and comfortable environment for rabbits. 2. Chemical drug disinfection method: It is a method for disinfecting chemicals for chemical drugs for human, animal safety, and chemical drugs, parasitic, parasites. This method is widely used in rabbit production, and it is indispensable. The law can kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the air and the environment in the environment, but also directly kill the rabbit table, the pathogenic microorganism of the respiratory tract is a pathogenic microorganism, which is the environment and hygiene and disease prevention and treatment of the disease. The misunderstanding of the disinfectant is selected. 1. The larger the concentration of disinfectants. The concentration of the disinfectant is determined based on its nature and disinfection object. Blind concentrations, not only increase costs, but also generate poisonous side effects on rabbits. 2. The more you get the disinfectant. A common disinfectant in the market, its main component is acid, alkali, alcohol, aldehyde, iodine, chlorine, and quaternary ammonium salt. But some manufacturers are profitable, and the disinfectant is crowning.The name of the merchandise of the flower is to increase the value and the consumer is blind. Although the name of the product is different, the components are different, the effect is not satisfactory. 3. Pleasant houses in the house. In the rabbit house, you can do regular disinfection, and you can take the horse to see the horse, such as a septic tank, road, etc. In fact, the surrounding environment of the rabbit house is essential, not only directly affects the health of rabbits, but also affects environmental protection. Factors of commonly used disinfectants affecting disinfection effects 1, concentration. The concentration of disinfectant directly affects the effect of disinfection, so it is necessary to be accurate when preparing disinfectant. The concentration is too high, the effect of disinfection is not good, but it is easy to cause waste. 2, temperature. When the pharmaceutical solution, the water temperature should be controlled at 30 ° C, and the temperature is too low. It will have a stimuli to the rabbit. When disinfection in winter, the temperature should be heated, and the temperature is too low will affect the disinfection effect. 3, humidity: must maintain a certain relative humidity when disinfection, affect the disinfection effect, such as the production box, the rabbit cage can not be sprayed under the sun, otherwise the disinfection is sprayed back, so The treatment time of disinfection is too short, thereby can’t play sterilization. 4, formulate disinfectant, no strict accordance with the drug instructions require the current dispel, will change the concentration or mixing with each other, or for a long time. Choice of disinfectants 1. Choose high efficiency, non-toxic, sterilization, soluble in water, irritating disinfectant. (Such as hydrogen peroxide ionic composite sterilizing disinfectant) 2, select a colorless tasteless drug without residual disinfectant 3, and the number of disinfectants on the market will choose a large brand of disinfectant. Although the product name is different, the components are different, the effect is not satisfactory. 4, select disinfectant 5 can be disinfected with rabbit 5, select food grade, disinfectant 6 for people, livestock, and choose a wide range of disinfectants. Not only can be presed for rabbit disease, but also disinfecting the environment, drinking water, rabbit houses, tools, and personnel. While killing microorganisms, it can also reduce cost input. Once suspected infectious disease occurs, it must be completely disinfected in a timely manner in accordance with the principle of “early, fast, strict, small”. The ideal disinfectant responds to people, rabbits are non-toxic or toxic, and there is a strong killing effect on the microorganisms of the disease and do not damage the cage items, which is easy to dissolve in water, cheap. Such as hydrogen peroxide ion compound sterilization, not only food grade, people, livestock, and colorless tasteless no residue. Eliminate the occurrence and popularization of dissemination, guarantee livestock and poultry health, and realize the stable development of China’s rabbit industry, and the farmers’ profit increase. OktanBudhi International Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Germany, in 1882, Budich International Co., Ltd. was established. It has created more than 130 years of inheritance, specializing in the clean and disinfection industries, with excellent design R & D capabilities and the world’s leading manufacturing process. After years of development, it has developed Ok. Tail. The name of the bactericidal solution is Oxytech sterilization solution, which is a food grade high concentrate sterilization product, which has been registered in the EU and has obtained a number of international authority certifications. The main ingredient of the Oak Thai sterilization solution is hydrogen peroxide ions, which can penetrate the cell membrane, oxidize from the interior, kill the pathogenic microorganism and fall off, and can remove the biofilm in the water supply system and inhibit It does not regenerates, and all bacteria that can kill the free field, such as Bastaclycenger, rabbit viral hemmia (rabbit sterile), Salmonella disease (sub-injury), Escherichia coli disease (mucous enteritis), gas gas A Type capsule closicle disease (Wissenia disease), Thaiz disease, pus pseudoma disease (Pseudomonasia disease), rabbit, bacteria, Li’s bacillia, enstinal toxic blood disease, Stress syndrome, gastroenteritis, rabbit bow-diasect disease, bean cavity, etc., cutting bacteria, drinking water, rabbit, tool, person, etc., the growth of rabbits, lasting, maintain sterility, effectively improve the rabbit digestive system High efficiency broad spectrum, no residue, green safety. Oak Tetsui is used in rabbits, and the biofilm inside the water supply system can be removed. It can adjust the bunny digestive system, increase the conversion rate of feed, and inhibit bacteria, it is no longer born, and eliminate cross infections to ensure the healthy growth of rabbits. . Ok Thai colorless and non-toxic and non-toxic, there is a unique effect on the bactericidal disinfection of the rabbit farm, allowing for animal drinking water and animal medical sterilization. Oktan can be used in rabbit spray sterilization, disinfection with rabbits, there is no harm to rabbits, and quickly degrade it after sterilization, no residue, no harm to people and livestock, no increase in post-treatment, can also be used for rabbits Wash the sterilization, equipment sterilization, staff washing hands, vehicle sterilization, etc., safe and non-toxic, no residue, no harm to people and livestock, thereby reducing the use of antibiotics, green breeding. Only green safe breeding is a sustainable breeding method, and hydrogen peroxide ion compound sterilization solution is an indispensable green sterilization method. Oak Thai products features 1 broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, killing harmful bacteria and harmful microbial species include: Influenza A for bird fluVirus, HIV-1, Legionella, Amoeba, Golden Staphylococcus, Escherichia, Macro, Escherichia, Bacillus, White Candida, Hepatitis, Poultry Influenza, Salmonella, Intestinal Salmonella, Sedatococci, Bacillus, rabbit viral iliation (rabbit), Salmonella disease (sub-injustice), E. coli disease (mucous enteritis), gas A-type pod membrane Bacillus (Wasteosacidiasis), Thaiz disease, pus psessa disease (Pseudomonas aeruginosis), rabbit sterilosis, Li’s bacillia, enstinal toxamine, stress syndrome More than 200 bacteria, biology, viral and toxicology 2 bacteria, biology, virological and toxicology 2 bactericidal capacity, have a significant 3 stability, etc. It is not easy to volatilize, completely environmentally friendly, completely decompose into water and oxygen, people, livestock, 4 colorless, non-toxic, no odor, no residual, non-dosing, completely soluble in water, not with ammonia, sterilization, After the end of disinfection, no need to rinse again, the wastewater of the emissions does not need to be in the middle and 5 efficiency, the effectiveness is long, the effect is obvious, can completely kill the pestaining bacteria, the application is very flexible, and the degree of dependence of 6 pairs of light is 0 , The effect of not being affected by temperature and pH is oxidizing the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide to oxidize the low-cost pollutant attached to a high price, enabling the chemical bond in the compound, and form a new key with oxygen Some compounds are decomposed into small molecular chemicals into solution. During the cleaning process, the surface of the device produces more oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases, and unconcking solid attachment will fall into the solution as the agglomeration and expansion of these gases. Efficient sterilization: Oak Thair is a composite solvent consisting of food grade hydrogen peroxide, and the individual hydrogen peroxide and silver ions have excellent bactericidal effects, two basic substances synergistic (hydrogen peroxide and silver ions) Further promotes their respective advantages (* synergistic effect). The synergy of the two substances is faster and stronger than any of the substances. Bactericidal effects: Oktan is a wide-spectrum type disinfectant to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses and protests. From the current research results, there is no type of microorganism to form resistance to Oktans. No drug risk: Due to the unique principle of Oak Toy, the microorganism does not produce drug resistance, so it can be used for a long time.The farm is used throughout the feeding cycle. Excellent cleaning effect: Okthaws is to oxidize the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide to oxidize the low-cost pollutants attached to the surface of the pipe into a high price, which is destroyed in the compound in the compound, form a new key with oxygen, wherein Some compounds are decomposed into small molecular chemicals into solution. During the cleaning process, the surface of the device produces more oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases, and unconcking solid attachment will fall into the solution as the agglomeration and expansion of these gases. Eliminate biofilm and algae: Okti can effectively clean the biofilm in the farm drinking water system, kill algae and inhibit the biofilm, and the algae is again grown. Food grade non-toxic: Oktan is a non-toxic product. Its main components – hydrogen peroxide – does not cause toxicity, which is due to it decomposes to become water and oxygen, ie, its by-products are not poisonous. Silver is a kind of biological metal, and livestock and poultry includes people’s long-term contact, only for low microorganisms. – EU, WHO, US EPA, etc., all recognized composite disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and silver ions, is harmless, and there is no toxic substance residue. – France, Germany, Switzerland and Australia and other countries have approved hydrogen peroxide and silver ion composite disinfectants can be used in human drinking water disinfection. Non-toxic by-products: Oktans follow-up component decomposition, non-toxic by-products, unused effects. Oktan’s effect on the sterilization of rabbit farms: 1, continuously acidifying drinking water, improving the deformedness, increases water storage amount 2, reducing water samples and ammonia concentration, promoting body health, improve environmental pollution 3, controlling the presence of mold toxins in feed in feed , Lowering the intestinal diarrhea, molds caused by mold, to reduce the intestinal drug, reduce the acuterium hairstyle 5, improve feed utilization and conversion rate 6, effectively inhibit E. coli, Salmonella 7, decreased in gastrointestinal tract The incidence, mortality 8, reduce the medication, improve the quality of livestock products, the strong drug effect is rapid, and the predetermined disinfection target can be reached in a short period of time, such as the sterilization rate of more than 99%, and the efficacy has a long time. 10, disinfection is widely killing bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, etc. harmful microorganisms. 11, can be disinfected with various methods such as drinking water, spray, washing, flushing, etc. 12, osmotic strength to penetrate into a fissure and livestock feces, dust, gas, and other organisms to kill pathogens. 13. Soluble in water is not affected by water quality and sourness in the environment.The change affects the efficacy. 14. The nature is stable and unsight, heat affected, and long-term storage efficacy is not reduced. 15, odorless, non-irritable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-poisonous, non-poisonous side effects. 16. Economic low concentration can also guarantee the efficacy. Oak Thai rabbit farm disinfection method is disinfected in the rabbit, including rabbit house, wall, ceiling and air disinfection, and sterilization of rabbit cage, sink and production box. For different locations and utensils, different disinfection methods should be taken, and the concentrations used are also different. 1. Ground, walls and ceiling. Disinfection method: 3% concentration is sprayed after dilution, using a dose of 100 ml / m2. Air disinfection, 3% concentration dilute spray, 20 ml / m3. The environmental and air disinfection can effectively reduce the incidence of infectious diseases. Close the doors and windows for 24 hours, then open the doors and windows for ventilation. 2, rabbit cage. The disinfection of rabbit cage is divided into two kinds of disinfection and aeroba cage: (1) Shribut with rabbit. First, the feces on the cage is cleaned up, and the rabbit, dust and debris are cleaned up, and then disinfected with disinfectants. Methods: Spray disinfection with 2% -3% Oktan, to spray it to the cage to hang a small water. (2) Disinfection of empty cages. After the rabbit is column, the airbar cage should be thoroughly disinfected to introduce the lower bunny. Methods: The cage is completely cleaned with water, and dry, dry, and the rabbit hanging on the wire is burned by the flame sprayer, and then sprayed with 3% Oktan. 3, water, tank. Water, the sanitary condition of the tank can directly affect the health of rabbits, some water, tanks are not reasonable, and rabbits often drain urination in the groove, causing pollution in the slot. Therefore, the water, the trough must be performed regularly, disinfect. METHODS: Water, trough is removed from the cage, first clean it with water, soak for 30 minutes with 3% Oak Totti solution. 4, production box. In order to prevent the spread of rabbit skin inflammation, 疥 疥, coccidia and other diseases, all after the rabbit is nest, you must disinfect the production box. METHODS: It is cleaned up with debris and other debris, and uses 2% -3% Oktan to completely spray. The above is about Oktans for some profiles for the sterilization of the rabbit farm, I hope to help everyone. Want to know more exciting content, please call us or pay attention to Jinan Chen Yu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. WeChat public number: oxytechag, there will be professional and technical personnel to solve your problem. Summary Oktan is used in the field of rabbit, and can improve the immunity of rabbits.You can use antibiotics, but also reduce the use of vaccines, produce green meat food, establish brand image, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and products in the international market.

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