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Skilling cattle feeding cakes Mainly with bean cake, rapeseed cake, flax seed cake, cottonseed cake, peanut pie, sunflower cake, coconut cake, brown tuttle, sesame, castor seed meal, etc. However, this type of feed is very anticillive factor, so pay attention to the following problems when used.
First: Although the nutritional value of soybean cake is high, the digestive utilization is high, feeding the yak and the youth is very good, but it is not suitable for fattening cattle, because it can make fat, affect the quality of meat .
Second: Cottonseed cake contains cottonseed toxins, also known as cotton, and cottonols are very toxic, often chronic accumulation poisoning, and their feeding generally only account for 7% of diet. In order to alleviate toxicity, it can be heated at 80-85 ° C for 6-8 hours before feeding, or 1 kg of cotton seed cake plus 1 kg per 100 kg cotton bakes.
Third, the rapeseed cake contains mustard, in the body, the effect of mustard hydrolase, which forms isowrosulfate these substances have toxic, so it should be paid attention to when feeding fattening cattle.
Fourth, the role of flax enzyme will cause fattening cattle, but it can be detoxified after cooking it for ten minutes, and its feeding is usually only 7% of diet.
Fifth, peanut cakes are not toxins, but lysine and methionine content are insufficient, and they are susceptible to yellow guisoxins, feeding fatty cattle is usually only 10% of diet.

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