Sleep problem of old dog

QQ截图20201126110231.jpg We know that “sleep” is the best way to eliminate fatigue, but the old dog’s situation is: With the decrease in physical and function, natural sleep time will grow, but most is Debris sleep, that is, basically not guaranteed quality sleep quality.

If you can’t sleep, naturally you can’t organize damaged neuromic, and you can’t adjust normal physiological activities such as metabolism. You can’t secrete hormones that make your body can activate. There are impatient and stress reactions such as these unfavorable factors. In addition, older dogs often have a disorder of metabolism, low body temperature, so they must pay attention to the temperature of the surrounding environment.

Let the dog frequently accept the command signal, so that the emotions are active, such as drinking water or sit down, etc., you can make the dog thinking to accept the command signal and activate its brain, Thereby improving its sleep quality. However, such a method does not work for some young dogs, so old dogs can also make their brain accepted more external stimuli through moderate exercises, and finally reach the purpose of sleeping.

In addition, a place for falling asleep is also important, so that the dog can choose according to their own preferences, or arrange a quiet, there is no stimulating and stable place, such as bed or cage, etc. . At the same time, if the dog’s body temperature is low, it is not sleeping. If you touch your foot, if you feel cold, you can maintain its body temperature and adjust the indoor temperature, keeping at 18-20 degrees Celsius.

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