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1, 水 貂 attribute: Subsequent, day, the main carnuts, only one year, there are six biological periods in one year: prepare a variety of 1, 2, March, breeding in March, pregnancy 3.5 — 4. In May, the birth is 4.5-5. May, May 6, 7, 8, 9, in May, Winter Mac, long-term 10, 11, December.
Spring changed from the first change, the fall of the fall was changed from the tail, and the old mince was changed twice a year. Change hair, estrus, breeding, and production, it is based on the length of the sunshine, and the relationship is not large. In spring photos of 11 hours, you will estrine 3-4 times in the 1 month, about 7-8 days a cycle, 3 days of estrus for 3 days, and the mother is crawling after the stimulation.
2, the three major elements of raising the moon: excellent varieties, full price feed, careful management. The purpose is: The price is high, the big head is long, and the quality of fluff is good. What is excellent? ? ——- The price is high, the body is large, the plush is short, flat, Qi, the density is high, the color is positive, the color is bright, the disease is strong, the market demand is large.
Current sapphire, deep coffee, silver blue, Mahagen, short hair black, Danish price high goods. How to choose? ? ? One is —– from the field extraction. I have a strong economic strength, public and mother. . Do a kind source. There is no condition that can only lead to male, because of the public, the mother has more than 44% genetic genetics to the care.
Second, —– Select from home. . . Leave a premature price, more production, more milk, good noodles, fast recovery, early replacement, color positive, and large. The effects of birth genetic factors only account for 4-6%, as for 94 — 96% of the results of environmental factors (such as diet levels, feeding management, and breeding technology, etc.).
3, how can we be equipped with a full-price feed: the matching of the feed must have a variety of animal feed (different amino acids contained in each feed .. Huanghua ratio is only feeding fish) A variety of plant feed (corn) Wheat bran) variety of vitamins, trace elements, with reasonable, balance the amino acid, and reach the nutritional standards in different biological periods.
水 貂 营 营 标准 —– 12 – February Nequarium, protein 30-33g, March 20–28g, April 20-35G, 4.5 – June Demanix 35-60g, 7, 8, September 50-35g, 10, and November 20-35g.
12 – February requires fat 8 — 10g, March 11.3–13.5G4, May 15–18.3g 7, 8, September 25-27G 10, November, fat 11.3 – 15g.
The carbohydrates in the mink diet, about 10–20g.
How to calculate feed orders (bonnium + 1.3 * male) * Day food quantity = total amount of puffed material + sea hypoal fish + duck rack + hair chicken + hepatic + egg + premix.
4, how to control the amount of feed: February gradually decline, nutritional standards have gradually increased, protein and fat ratio —- First determine the time, the mother is expented to eat to 200 g. 7–14 days before the opening is the lowest day of the year. The diet is approximately 130–150g. See weather and physical condition to adjust.

The grain in the past March remains unchanged (if the fat can be down-adjusted 10-20g) —- From April 1, 5g is added every day. Add to 250-260g. At the same time, eggs and milk were added, and 2 g of cooked soybean oil (increasing unsaturated fat) was added. After the start of April 15th, the bone soup mixture is changed – the purpose is to increase saturation fat – increased milk volume
5, the feed nutrition standard during the production of the child: protein accounted for 16-17%, fat 8-9%, carbohydrates accounted for 6%. Add lactic acid bacteria, which can not feed the small babers prematurely, fed 20 hours before, and the concentration of food should be dared. Pay attention to windproof, insulation, not lacking, don’t mess. There are 8 small bats in the neck, should go out to go out. The division can be carried out in combination with the vaccine. The division should not be too early, and the dividend can be divided into two times. 2 small male mourn, small mother 3 is only suitable. Old mother is easier to restore the physical condition early.
6. Prepare the management: male 貂 Beginning on January 25 — sunshine time + light time is less than 11.5 hours. Because the male estrus is more than the mother of the mother, it has urged his estrus, the sperm is mature, and it has been more than 12 hours. Insulation for the mother — Finishing adjustment of February 10, check the weight index of fat, thin, two bonst – mother stomach weight / body length = 28–30 is the best, less than 28 feed More than 30 diet. February 10th is adjusted.
7. Develop a breeding program: because of between February 15th to March 15th, the mother has 3-4 estrus, ovulation is about 2–6 before March 5, March 6 – 16 6–16 ovulation. So the drop should be concentrated between March 5-15. Therefore, the cycle is used on March 5. After the 5th, a continuous match is used to match the early affected egg is free, and it is easy to damage. . . It didn’t look for bed after spring.
8, breeding method: use natural mating, 300–400 per person, grabbed the mother to the male cage before 8 o’clock (not engaged in the fight), starting the public every day, The mirror check, if you use two times a day, you have to rest in the next day, and the sun is strong, it is important to match the mating. 80% of the mother stalks were completed before March 5. Opening 3 days later, the male utilization was 80%, and the completion was completed on 5 days.

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