Some differences in purebred shark dogs and hybrid saberdings

Some people will question purebred sand-shaped dogs and hybrid Shari dogs are not all of the Shari dog variety? Is there any difference? In fact, the biological genetic is a very wonderful thing. Even two sand pits of the same family, there will be some subtle differences in morphological characteristics. What’s more, it is a purebred sau dog and hybrid sand leather dog, because of the influence of genetic factors, there must be some difference between the two dogs. timg (3).jpg
Pure branch, the most standard shape should be, shell-shaped ear, butterfly nose, melon head, old lady face, buffalo neck, hip, long legs. Shari (details introduction) the alert, dignity, live in life, and its body is strong. Look at the sand leather from the side, the body is mainly square, the nose is wide, the ear is small, the pointer is slightly circle, with a triangle, the ear can be curled, flattened to the head, the ear is wide, and the ear pointer points to the eyes.

Pure branch of Shari dogs actually have a pair of almond eyes, but because of the skin clipper, it looks very small, and the eyes are dark brown. Its kiss is relatively wide and very full, it looks a bit like the mouth of the hippo. These features are one of the characteristics of the Shami dog unique.

However, it is said that it will always have different differences from purebred sham dogs because of their parents. Because of genetics, Shari dog young patients will inherit some features of their parents. The feature of the pure breed dog is naturally desalinated or disappeared. For example, the dog’s eyes are color, maybe some hybrid shades are born after birth.

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