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Summer reproductive basis Different from all over the climate environment and infrastructure, the method taken is different. To this end, a little experience summed up in production practices is given to everyone. First, the basic cooling problem of the rabbit; we are unable to change the air temperature, but can change the small environment. 1. Closed rabbit houses can take a negative pressure fan to add wet curtains, but the cost is slightly higher, the demand for power and water supply is large, and some places are still difficult to achieve; if they can take indoor fan, the way the roof is still a certain way Effect. 2, open rabbit houses because the facilities are simple, the high load capacity of the roof is limited, and if the carrying capacity is better, the roof pad can be taken, then the rain mulmonary, the effect is better, and it can be managed in a certain year; the carry capacity is not good You can take the roof cream or felt shower, 0.5-1 meters from the top of the Rabbit, there is a certain effect phone: 0374-81367663, the floor is sprinkled when the morning and evening temperature is low, Let the water infiltrated the ground; inner fan change, it is recommended to use the fan effect of slow speed. Do not install too high using the ceiling fan. It only needs to be 30 cents higher, remember the fans don’t go straight to the rabbit. blow. Second, the nutritional supply and daily management of feed: 1. The work time needs to change, management work should be late evening late, in general, you can start working in 5: 30-6: 00, starting at 8: 00-9: 00 in the evening Work, check the water source after work, try not to enter the rabbit, especially if you don’t enter the rabbit. 2, feed nutrition should keep up, there is a conditional increase in point energy and protein, and there is a better grass feed, green grass tube. In the evening, it must be sufficient, the cartridge is smaller or the child’s land, which can add a cassette to make it a good evening. 3, according to the lactation capacity of the female rabbit, timely adjustment of the number of years, try to reduce the number of pieces, to ensure that each of the rabbits can eat milk, pay the amount on the basis of the survival, otherwise, the late mortality increases It has not been lost. QQ: 26271088974, prevention of coccidia and immunity, health and environment is to reduce the basic work of the disease, must do a good job. 5, don’t go to the pursuit of growth, to analyze according to your own actual situation, keep a clear mind. 6, patience, care is the foundation of the rabbit, do every little thing, accumulate that you will be a great cause.

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