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Small households are generally experienced, often heard a lot of rabbits people are talking about the same topic, how is your rabbit house covered, how is the structure, how to ventilate and cool down, how to cool the rabbit . I have a small household to say how to prevent high temperatures in summer. If you want the Rabbit to ventilate the cooling effect, you must go to the Rabbit home, and some small households are exposed directly in the sun. The best charge is just covered with cotton watts (cupware). The easiest way to talk to them is to build a simple rabbit house. The uppermost level of the rabbit is 30 to 40 cm. The cotton tile is covered with asbestos tiles, and the grass is placed on the top of the cotton tile, and finally uses the sand to mix cement wipes. If you have good conditions, you can use the plastic to cover on the grass, then add cotton station, finally mixed cement wipe, single column and queuebian house can be used, and it is more than 50 cm. When the temperature is high, the water is sprinkled on the rabbit shed, and the electric fan is taken to assist in ventilation and spray the rabbit cold water. If there are other means auxiliary industry, you can achieve the effect of cooling. Tel: 0374-8136766 The biggest problem in summer is that the pregnancy of the rabbit will often have abortion, even high temperature death. My management of pregnant female rabbits is: water in the water, put water with plastic bottles, put it in the refrigerator, in the water for female rabbits, can also put the red brick with cold water in the mother rabbit Nest. In particular, the bunny is more important to strengthen management. The purpose of glucose and VC is to increase the body of the rabbit body and thermal stress, due to the high rate of death from the gas rabbit, essentially. QQ: 2627108897 In addition, in terms of breeding, summer still try not to match, provide more green feed, wait until the bunny is fast open. The male rabbit should be specifically managed. If the summer is hot, it takes a 60-day recovery period, which is also the main reason for the infertility of the autumn fare.

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情 (estrus pregnancy) [Chinese medicine] Effectively regulate the endocrine system of the rabbit group, promoting the estrus of the rabbit, improve the quality of the milk, the quality of the fierce,

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