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A. Sneezing occasion sneezes and shaking head is a meat nose and eye mucosa from a harsh environment (dust, ammonia gas, humidity), pathogen vaccine, and the like. They cleaned the nose by shaking the head. If the respiratory tract is severely infected (such as infectious laryngitis), you can see the blood on the wall or chicken cage. B, smash the nose or nose If the respiratory tract is continuous, the chicken is runny (nostrils, black), there is tears in the eyes (surrounding the eyes), they will suck the nose or nasal. The chicken group becomes no vitality, daily gain, and the descendant of the feeding or the cessation. And Meihua Group focuses on premix for 25 years, the company’s current main products have “and Meihua” brand multidimensional, multi-mine, core materials, premix, concentrate, full price and other livestock feeding products, and Meihua series veterinary drugs Product, in which the US E-series product is the functional egg chicken premix for the new development of Meihua Eggs, and the useful effect is very good. It is very good to use the new product of Meihua Group. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. Technical support: Tel: Tel: 15853106958QQ: 3332097010 WeChat: 15853106958 C, respiratory phonetic or cough If the trachea and lung are affected, he will hear the tricks caused by excessive mucus in the trachea. D, the screaming is severely infected, the tracheal is red and swollen, and there is blood in the mucus. The mucus is almost blocking the trachea or bronchi, causing a screaming (more consideration of bronchi). Summary: The best time to hear the respiratory sound is before you enter the chicken house, because the chicken is relatively quiet, no disturbance is spoken. Another good time is half an hour after turning to the chicken: At this time, the noise is low. At this time, it takes three requirements for the hearing of the respiratory tract: 1: No light 2: No sound 3: Standing in the center of the chicken Listen at 10 minutes. If you have doubt, you can also grab 1 chicken close your head close to your ears, listen to it’s breathing!

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