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Henan Zhoukou Xihua’s Yang boss, the mother pig stock 30 left and right. For a while, the new piglets in the pig farm have been diarrhea, and drug treatment such as antibiotics is small! Later, under the recommendation of the local veterinary Mr. Zhang, Longchang Bile Acid was used, and according to 1 kg / ton. From No. 3.15, the sow is used in the whole group: use 7 days, Yang boss feels that the mental state of the sow is significantly improved; for about 20 days, the iron embroidered line and the tear on the sow are completely disappeared; The piggy pig has not had diarrhea without diarrhea; piglet vitality is much better than before! Yang boss’s effect on bile acid is very recognized. It feels like “the effect of spending a dollar to spend five dollars!” Therefore, when Teacher Zhang went to visit me, Yang Boss purchased a bile acid directly, ready to add a long time to the pig!

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1. What is Longchang bile acid? Longchang bile acid is the main active ingredient of pig bile, natural extraction, has the same physiological function with the bile secretion of pigs! As a national new product, the bile acid has been launched in 14 years, has been widely recognized and affirmed in the market. Second, what is the role of bile acid? As excretion, the liver endotoxin is discharged, protecting hepatobiliary; as digestive fluid, promoting the absorption of fat and lipid substance! Third, what is the advantages and characteristics of Longchang bile acid? The first large function of the liver is to synthesize the bile, bile is an important carrier for the function of the liver! The realization of many important functions of the liver is also a cycle of bile in the body. When the liver is damaged, the synthesis secretion of bile has decreased, so the first step is to ensure the sufficient bile secretion of the liver! Compared with conventional products, bile acids have the following advantages: 1 Targeticity (the first time to make up for the lack of bile caused by damaged liver); 2 non-toxic side effects (non-drug attributes, no drug toxicity, liver does not hurt liver, no liver It will cause additional burden on the liver); 3 effect stability does not repeat (bile acid will continue to circulate in the body)!

Reduce piglet diarrhea rate, remove tears, iron rust line, detoxifying liver

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