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After continued to Hangzhou, we ushered in the delivery of the Spanish circulating water breeding system. Recently, as the company’s order is increasing, in order to ensure that the equipment is guaranteed, the employees of Guangzhou China Airlines Production Department are working overtime, although the time of catching the goods, but each employee in Guangzhou is still serious, strictly according to production The operation process is carried out, and the production of the equipment in advance can be arranged in the production of the quality inspection department. At noon today, the delivery department has been prepared to ship, with the arrival of the truck, the delivery department immediately put into the delivery, only 1 hour, the floating bobbin filter, protein separator, composite sterilization treatment The oxygen generator, ozone-integrated machine, ultraviolet sterilizer, and bio-filled a batch of loads, completed the delivery in advance, we will install the work team and then arrive at the scene, carry out the installation and commissioning, so that the equipment is put into production as soon as possible.

Delivery scene map:

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