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In the 1970s, the factory recycled water farming has made great progress, and my country’s facility fisheries represented by factory culture and cage farming have developed rapidly. At present, there is a local system, a variety of modes, and three-dimensional development applications. New seawater farming.

Factory Circulating Water Aquaculture
The planting circulating water farming has high scientific and technological content, high input, high output, is considered a representative of modern fisheries, and it is also the development direction of the world’s aquaculture industry. .
my country’s factory cultivation was late, and the technology introduced abroad in the 1970s has entered the industrialization stage in the 1990s. In recent years, my country’s factory chemical circulating water farming has been promoted, and the government has gradually become the primary choice for farmers under the strict implementation of subsidies and environmental protection laws in environmentally friendly fisheries.

Factory circulating water breeding specific forms can be divided into: water-based factory, aquaculture, fully enclosed circulating water, circulating water, seedlings, aquaries and marine museum Engineering:

I. Water-based factory Aquaculture

is suitable for a good water quality, low water-rehabilitation cost. Such as in the middle of the forest, close to the place of the freshwater river, or the corner of the coast. Due to the industrial pollution in the local water source, the water quality is clear and pure, the trace elements are rich, the water volume is not large, and the water or seawater can be referenced as a water source, and the steel structure is windproof, and the water supply and drainage are held simultaneously. Aquaculture. It is also possible to maintain a certain amount of water transfer rate, increasing the circulating water breeding system equipment to circulate the aquaculture water in order to control the temperature change in a very small range, which is most conducive to the growth of aquatic products, this form is called half Water-based factory chemical aquaculture.
Second, full enclosed circulating water farming applies to places where high quality water resources are rare. Such as pollutant urban suburbs, sea water or freshwater rivers are severely polluted, and there is no sea water in the inland, which can be fully closed circulating water farming. This farming model is small dependence on the external environment, and the system is stable after operation. However, the pre-establishment and equipment investment is higher.
Third, circulating water nursery seedlings
aquatic seedlings as the first ring of aquaculture link, the quality of water quality is directly related to the success or failure of the entire industrial chain downstream. Therefore, everything possible to improve the hatching rate, reduce the teeth and the dead. andAfter the system equipment is processed, stable water quality plays a crucial role in improving the hatching rate of seedlings.

Four, the aquarium and marine museum engineering aquaries and marine museum projects are generally built in the bustling zone of the city, naturally not effectively utilize water sources in the remote area, so the circulating water treatment kit has become the only choice. Its principle is the same as high-density factory aquaculture. It is only a small breeding density, but because there is a good ornamental effect, there is a higher clearness of the water quality.
Sea Water Bank Breeding my country Sea Water Box Breeding Since the 1970s, after more than 30 years of development, the total number of Internet boxes has exceeded 1.2 million, and some colleges in China have worked closely with enterprises in recent years. Infrastructure development, through foreign advanced technology and combined with my country’s condition conditions, self-designing and research, overall performance reaching or more than foreign online box facilities, accumulating rich experience.
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