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“One year is in spring”, grass is sprouted, everything is recovered, and it is full of thriving, vibrant sight. At this time, the pigs spend the cold winter, with the fallback of the temperature, the blood circulation is accelerated, and the metabolism is increasingly frequent, and the feed is increased. At this time, it is mainly responsible for food digestive absorption and the storage of blood, and the adjustment of liver burden increases. Therefore, we must want the pig’s security to safely spend the spring, and make a good foundation for a year, and the liver should be maintained in the spring. As the saying goes: “Spring does not raise liver, summer is cold!” Spring became the best season of pigs in pigs! First of all, in winter, for insulation, the ventilation of the pig house is small, the various harmful gas content in the air increases, and the metabolism of the pig’s own, will result in a large number of toxins in the liver of the pig. ! Secondly, spring is very wind, the temperature is very unstable, and it is easy to develop. Spring is a rapid season of bacterial viruses, plus temperature is unstable, and it is easy to cause pigs. Increase the risk of liver damage! Under the influence of these two factors, if the liver function of the spring pigs does not restore and protect, the pig group will be a series of injuries after entering the summer high temperature season! The first large function of the liver is to synthesize the bile, bile is an important carrier for the function of the liver! The realization of many important functions of the liver is also a cycle of bile in the body. When the liver is damaged, the synthesis secretion of bile occurs first. Therefore, the liver is first to ensure that the bile secretion of the liver is sufficient! Bile acid is the main active ingredient of pig bile, natural extract, has the same physiological function with the bile secretion of pigs! The addition of bile acids can effectively reduce the burden of the liver, quickly discharge toxins, heavy metals, chemical residues, etc. of the liver, and enter the bile acid in the liver to stimulate the bile, smooth and biliary tract to the liver. The purpose of the gallbladder! Bile acid can also improve the activity of various enzymes in pigs, so that damaged hepatocyte function is gradually recovered, and also gives pig a healthy clean liver!
Cholely acid, detoxifying liver, reducing liver burden

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