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1. Temperature is one of the main factors in the pretext, and suitable temperatures can exert the maximum benefits of feed. Temperature is too low to cause chickens to respiratory disease and pile death. The judgment method is: one is to hang the thermometer temperature measurement with the same height with the chicken, and the first week of autumn and winter is generally controlled at 35 ° C ~ 36 ° C, and the 2 ° C ~ 3 ° C per week will be reduced. Second, according to the reaction of the chicken, This is also a problem that the farmers should pay attention to. When the temperature is too low, the chicken is only scared, and the temperature is too high, and the chicken is scattered and there is a breath, and the temperature suitable chicken is only distributed evenly. It is also possible to take a thermometer and sensory combination to judge whether it is suitable.
2, the breeding of broilers should pay special attention to the dry and clean of the gas. It is best to use a rod to make a lotus, which is dry, which is better to improve the temperature; the temperature of the medium chicken is lower than 18 ° C to increase the temperature.
3, the chicken house is fresh, avoiding the occurrence of respiratory disease. The harmful gas or dust in the air can affect the health of the chicken, and even causing death. The nirophytic decomposition feces and nitrogen-containing organic matter in the hut of the chicken house produce ammonia, and the concentration of ammonia in the chicken house is at least 10-6. When people feel uncomfortable, plus the winter and spring season, when the coal furnace is incubated, producing a lot Harmful gas such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, so it should be ventilated without lowering normal room temperature, reducing the content of harmful gases and dust in the hut.
4, reduce stress reactions. Excessive sound, transfer group, vaccination, weather mutation, break, etc., is a poor stimulus, often causes onset. Unnecessary catch chickens and disturbances as much as possible during the feeding period. The anti-group, inoculated vaccine, and the anti-counterfeit agent can be prevented; the treatment of cold stress caused by the decline of temperature.

5 . Therefore, broilers should generally be controlled around 10 per square meter.

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