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How to give a sheep?

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1, how to give the sheep?

1. Demo from parasites in vivo.

(1) Enemy. Enemy is a broad-spectrum inhactoms widely used in China. The internal service can be equipped with 2% ~ 3% aqueous solution, the dose is 0.07 ~ 0.1 g / kg of sheep, the goat 0.05 ~ 0.07 g / kg body weight, the treatment of sheep nosefly, according to the sheep 0.1 g / kg body weight, neck Subcutaneous injection. External, 1% ~ 2% aqueous solution, partial rubbing or spraying, can prevent bee,,, etc. Kill mosquito, flies, palays, can be sprayed with 0.1% ~ 0.5% solution. (2) propyleneimidazole. For the common gastrointestinal nematodes, pulmonary nematodes, hepatochians and mites are effective. Preventive deworming, 10 ~ 15 mg / kg body weight, 1 oral, insectica, mites, and nematodes have driven effect. The relief of the gastrointestinal nematode, 10 ~ 20 mg / kg body weight, 1 time oral. The drum of aphid, 10 ~ 16 mg / kg body weight, 1 time oral.
(3) Evi. It is used to drive away a variety of nematodes and in vitro parasites, which are highly efficient to adult, larvae; toxicity and side effects. Prevention and treatment are in 0.2 mg / kg body weight, internal or subcutaneous injection, and if the time is separated by 7 to 10 days, once again.
(4) Left-rotaryimidazole. Mainly used in the digestive lines of livestock and poultry. Entitheal, mixed feeding, subcutaneous or intramuscular injection can be administered, and different routes of administration is the same. Entrepreneal 8 ~ 10 mg / kg body weight, dissolve into water or mixed into feed; skin or intramuscular injection, 8 ~ 10 mg / kg body weight, with 5% injection.
2, the discharge of vitro parasites.

When the sheep body is partially skin disease, local application method can be treated; but when the sheep body is generally caused by glowing disease or for preventingPharmaceutical bath method can be used when he is ill.

Method of lamb bath:

The medicated bath can be 7 to 10 days after the shear, select the sunny weather, select high-efficiency, low toxic drugs, and dilute to reasonable concentrations, Commonly used drugs include: 0.1% ~ 0.2% insecticine solution, or 1% enemy aqueous solution, or 0.05% phosphorus solution, or by 80 to 200 mg of pyrophoric ester per kilogram of water Aqueous solution. The temperature of the drug is maintained at around 30 ° C. The scale sheep field can be built a bath, the medicine bath pool is 10 ~ 15 meters long, the depth is 80 ~ 100 cm, the bottom is 30 ~ 60 cm, and the upper is 60 ~ 100 cm, and the water source is to be adjacent to the water.

After the bath, let the sheep fell 8 hours, give a drinking water; the medicine should be airable for a few sheep. If there is no bad phenomenon, a drug bath will be carried out. Bath healthy sheep, after bath, after bathing, the medicated bath time per sheep is about 1 to 2 minutes. When the medicine bath, the head often exposes the water, there must be a special person with a wooden stick to put the sheep head into the liquid medicine 2 to 3 times, fully bath the head. After the bath, the sheep rushed to 6 ~ 8 hours, and the wool can only graze after the wool. On the same day, the sheep house can be thoroughly disinfected. Pay special attention to the lambs below 3 months and the ilothal bath for 2 months of pregnancy.
3. In vivo induction.
In vivo, in vivo, in vivo, the insectomy is mainly used to prevent internal and external parasites after the muscle injection, use Evi porchin injection (0.2 kg per kilogram of body weight, subcutaneous injection).

Second, the problem of sheep should pay attention to the problem

First, the deworm must be a health sheep, and for the sour sheep to cure, then deworm, strict drug dose, can not be free Increase the amount of administration.

Second, first do a small group test, there is no negative reaction, large groups can be carried out.

Third, pregnant ewes can be arranged in previous months, after the birth of the deworm once, not only can remove the inside and outside of the ewec, but also benefit breastfeeding, and reduce parasites to the young lamb Infection. The dose is administered in a normal dose of 2/3.
After the fourth, after deworming, it is necessary to pay close attention to whether the sheep is toxicly respond, especially when the large-scale deworm is insect. Toxic response is taken in time to eliminate toxic reactions in a timely manner.

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