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Spring raised sheep

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After the Spring Festival, in the spring of the year, with the seasonal changes, the temperature began to rise, and the sheep love forage I started to come out from the ground, but in the spring of the friend of the sheep, I need timely adjustment methods, because the temperature, the environment and the winter are completely different, and Chilikawa lists the most prone to 6 among children in the spring and sheep disease. Relevant prevention measures, I hope to give friends to the sheep to help!

Prevention and treatment method: find a piece of camphor or the will willow with the rope in the sheep, brought on the sheep, let it chew, and then rush to Slope motion, promote its exhaust. You can also use the cigarette 2-5, plug to the lamb, let the sheep eat, the disease is in the case of 1 hour after the smoke, you can also use fresh grass ash 10-20 grams, vegetable oil 50-100 ml mixed sink, Generally, 1-2 times.

Second, the bumper toxic to poison

The sheep only eats grass contaminated with pesticides, poisonous grass and wild rot, will poison, the symptoms are spit, and the mouth is hair Purple, breathing. At this time, I should rescue urgently, first puncture the sheep and ear, or let the sheep contain a wooden stick, with saliva discharge the venom, and then the egg clear is 5, and the atrine is injected 2-5 ml.
Third, cold

The spirit of sorrow, the head is low, the runny nose, the body temperature is elevated, and the grass is not ruminant. Muscle injection compounds can be used 5-10 ml, or 30% is nearly 5-10 ml. When the condition is severe, the penicillin can be equipped with 1.5 million units of phenicillin. It can also be 100 grams of ginger, 2 green onions, chopped soup, 100 grams of brown sugar, mix hotfringers, 2 doses on one day, even served for 2 days, the effect is very good.

Prevention and treatment method: Don’t fierce the green grass to eat, should be dry and mix, gradually change, make the sheep only stomach, if you find that sheep diarrhea can give the sheep BigMnycin or oral chitcin 2-3.
Five, parasitic disease Spring 3 – April should give the sheep only in vivo. The inner parasite can be used for levomimidazole, propylene imidazole or insect. In vitro, the enemy is used to dip in the warm water, or spray in the sheep in the sheep with a cypresses or squats. Sixth, allergic reactions Individual sheep will produce allergic reactions only when seeding wild blue, wild tree vine, or when they are exposed to odor, it produces an allergic reaction, which is abnormal, sneezing, stepping. Or make a cry, at this time, the sheep should be immediately rushed away from the allergy area, usually can quickly return to normal. Pay attention to Chicchuan brand cattle and sheep feed, learn more professional information: clcfeed Qing gentamicin, runny nose, penicillin, parasites, egg white

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