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With full fine fat, you have the following advantages: First, the lamb is fast, and the early fattening can get a higher slaughter rate. Second, feeding labor is small, and the lamb is not easy to digest. Disease disease can improve feed conversion and daily weight. The test proves that the lamb is weaned from 1.5 months, weaning at 10 kg, and it can be listed in 50 days with full fine feedstock, with a weight of 25 ~ 30 kg, with an average daily weight of 400 grams.

Specific fertilizer method is: 15 days before the lamb, it can also separate the lambs with the ewec, let the lambs in the special column, put the lambs and sink in the special column. Other time makes the mother. At this time, the feed should be the same as the feed of fattening after the lamb, the feed formulation is 83% of the whole grain corn, 15% of the bean cake, 1.4% bone powder, 0.5% salt, vitamin and trace elements 0.1%. During your dysplage, you can’t get marked, and ensure clean drinking water. The corn grains fed at the beginning can be broken, and they are fed after the lamb habits. The lamb actuary is kept dry, preferably on the ground, and put less bisted grass. In general, the manure of the lamb is yellow, such as rainy weather, and the lamb will use intestinal anti-inflammatory drug treatment. Growth speed, vitamin, anti-inflammatory drug, digestive tract, corn grains

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