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Squid breeding technology
(1) aquacca breeding model with different densities, its suitable cultured density varies, and the squid of different specifications in the same breeding mode, its suitable cultured density is also different. In general, the plant chemical circulating water has a maximum density (50kg / m3), and the rendering of the cage culture is the lowest. The density of the aquaculture has a large effect on the growth of the squid, and the density is too high to have a negative effect on the growth of squid. The larger the density, the specific growth rate and daily gains and feeding rates are significantly reduced. (2) Fed-fed strategy
The feeding strategy mainly includes the fed feeding rate and feeding frequency. Different squid specifications, in different breeding models and breeding environments, their feeding strategies are different, determining that appropriate feed strategies help to improve the rope of breeding and feed utilization, reduce pollution to the cultured environment. . In general, with the increase of squid, the feed rate is gradually reduced. (3) The occurrence of disease prevention and control of trout is the result of a variety of factors, such as factors such as pathogen, water environment and squid body, and if the water environment is not conducive to the changes in the life of the breeding target (such as temperature mutation, Water quality deterioration, toxic substance, pathogenic biological invasion, etc.), or the body causes the occurrence of disease due to other reasons such as mechanical damage, hunger, etc.). With the rapid development of the squid farm, the type of squid disease is also increasing, which limits the development of the industry to a certain extent. Therefore, the risk of disease risk prevention and control of squid should be started from the aspects of pathogen, body resistance and environment, to prevent the comprehensive prevention and control of immune prevention, drug prevention and control and ecological prevention and control, and strengthen the breeding process Feeding management creates a good ecological environment for squid breeding.
Development Countermeasures
(1) Strengthening Industry Basic Application Research According to the life characteristics of salmon, comprehensively study the growth law of squid in the facility breeding process, and explore the construction and squid Basic theory and application research in biological response; establish a scientific and reasonable controlled water regulatory parameter model, construct a factory-based circulating water farming model suitable for squid. (2) Improve the growth characteristics of the squid breeding in different stages of the squid, construct different cultured models. In the cultivation of seedling and the fadish fish development, highly controllable factory cycle aquaculture model, and other stages of salmon growth can be used in other stages of salmon.With the importance, efficient, controllable, energy-saving plant of water resources and environmental protection, energy-saving models is the development trend of future aquaculture industry, and the lack of facilities in the future is possible. It will be reduced. (3) Improve the level of squid breeding facilities to increase the industrialization of squid breeding, developing hatching and water treatment facilities suitable for squid breeding. The traditional farm and facilities need to be gradually modified, using new technologies such as modern biotechnology, automation equipment, wastewater resource treatment, to achieve the controllable, adjustable, modified gripping shape of the cultured environment, and varies from scratch-based operations. Scale operation, establish a healthy breeding standardization operating system, enhance the level of installation of squid breeding, and then break through the bottlenecks faced by the development of the squid industry.
Source: Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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