Standard drugs for dog families

u=1868217012,2721029273&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Like someone, the dog will also have some kinds of colds and uncomfortable. At this time, the family is still prepared. Here, you organize the standing drugs for dog families for parents.

First, cold medicine

The Western medicine used is best not to take the dog, among which the chemical ingredients will have some reaction on the dog. Not very good. Xiaobian thinks if it is not necessary to use. It is better to use the cold granules, anti-viral oral fluids, and double-yellow lotus to treat Chinese medicine and respiratory tract infections.

Second, digestive drugs

Aprozen tablet, yeast is a dog to help digestive drugs that must be prepared by home. The dog’s digestive system is relatively fragile, often because it is too much or eat fast, causing vomiting or diarrhea, you can give it to help it to help it when it is not good, it is usually given to it. Eat a few pieces of drugs that have been digested, prevent problems in the case. Third, Tyrantine

Huanglianu or Norfloxacin capsules can eat dogs, as well as sulfate, gentamicin, oral, also very Good lactarian. No matter what is laxative, you must pay attention to the diarrhea of ​​the digestive system, if the dog is new to your home, or the diarrhea has the blood of the blood, you must go to the hospital, don’t give it a medicinal medicine.

If the dog has obvious inflammation, or more red swelling, skin disease, can also be used to eat some oral anti-inflammatory Drugs, you can give it some amoxicillin, which is also a gentle anti-inflammatory drug, which is not exciting to the stomach of the dog.

Fifth, the dynothe medicine

The dog of the halo is also a standing medicine in the home. Before going out, give it a lot of money. It can make the dog when the dog is in the car. However, most dogs now take the car out to play, basically don’t live, so the halo medicine is not a must-have for each dog.

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