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Each mother of developed countries in Europe and the United States provides a total number of goods in the year of about 25, while the average level in China is 17, and the domestic pig variety has been different from foreign countries. What is the reason for this? Do you have domestic sows in China? After the author’s initial study, the problem may be in our way to evaluate the child’s physical condition.
Domestic current mother pig physical condition is the evaluation staff to measure mother and pig physical condition according to experience, but the physical condition score does not accurately reflect the horizontal level of the pig’s overall fertilizer, different scoring officers Different scores in the physical condition of the same sow, even if the same quote may play different scores for the same sow at different times. According to statistics, regardless of the physical condition of the overall sow in a pig, the score is often in the range of 1.5 – 4.0, especially between 2-3.5, which means that there is a large number of discovery. error. There is no accurate basis for determining feeding levels based on physical condition scores.
The feeding amount of the sow is often determined based on the physical condition score (5 points) of the existence of large errors. The physical condition is different, and the amount of the sow is different. Tichen variances that are often pregnant sows will lead to a huge difference in the weight gain of the sow and the level of back, which is a very important reason for the low production performance of domestic sows. Is there any scientific basis to determine the physical condition and determine the feeding level of the sow? Yes, that is, the sow P2 point back. P2 point back (Figure 1) is a basic data for the international pig industry, refers to the thickness of 6.5 cm from the last ribs of the pig. By measuring the thickness of the P2 point back of the sow, the sow can be measured to reduce unnecessary errors in a digitized method.
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Mother sow P2 point back 膘 position

Modern lean sow due to low storage premature (P2 point back

(1) The minimum standard of growth: Requirement of 150 days of age weight to 100 kg, P2 point back thickness should reach 12-14mm.

(2) The first time the sow is required to reach 135-150 kg, P2 point back 膘 16-20mm.
(3) The requirements of different stages of the mother pigs are also different: the sow P2 back is 16.5-17mm when the milk is seeded, and the P2 back is over the middle of pregnancy. The thickness reached 19 mm, and the thickness of P2 point back in the childbirth period reached 19-21 mm.

Rear hogs were determined by the mother pigs 150 days of age, the first multi-breeding pregnancy, mid-stage delivery, weaning P2 (mm) 12 -14201819-2116.5-17 Weight (kg) 100125-135

According to the actual thickness of the P2 point back, the feeding management plan of the sow is determined, for the back The need for a standard to strengthen nutrition.

1. According to the P2 point back thickness, the rear preparation feeding management plan

rear bonded sows 150 days, weight reached 100 kg, P2 back The thickness should be 12-14mm. If it is not in this range, it can be solved by nutritional regulation (increasing energy concentration, feeding the mother and pig fatty, the energy increases by 200kcal / kg); when the thickness of the back is over the standard can reduce the feed formula Energy concentration.

2. According to P2 point back thickness, the thickness of the pregnancy period is determined

The sow must be divided into 0-7 days, 8-37 days, 38- 99 days, 100-110 days, 111-childbirth and other five stages. Pregnant sow pregnancy measurement P2 point back time points are breeding, 7 days, 38 days, 100 daysFor five points in 110 days.
3. According to the P2 point back, the thickness determines the empty storage feeding management scheme

If the sow is from the milk period, if P2 <14mm, it should be free to feed the pregnant mother pig 557 and add a synthetic pregnancy. Ketone drug (allyl-to-methanol ketone, feeding 15-20 mg of dose per day) 557.
If the breed is 14mm
16mm, it is fed according to the standard program.
When P2
20mm is taken at 1/2 of normal feeding at 112 days, the sow is fed according to 1/2 of the normal feeding.

Demonstration for the birth of the sow:

The energy of sow pregnancy needs to include sows themselves and the fetus. According to the NRC standard sow P2 point back, the thickness is 1 mm per increase, and its weight is about 5 kg, while the weight of the sow is increased by 5 McAl every increase in LKG.

The sow parts include a uterine weighing 3.2kg, the breast is about 3.4 kg, and the sow is overweight by about 5 kg, that is, the total weight of the sow is about 11.6 kg.

The fetal and attachment part includes a fetal color pigment increased by about 16kg, amniocente and fetal coat weight is about 2.5kg, the fetal solution (amniotic fluid, etc.) gains about 2.0kg, a total of 20.5kg, 12MCAL energy (whether It means that the fetus needs 1.imcal energy per increase in LKG), which consumes a total weight of 1-37 days: 1% (can be ignored), 1 99 days increased by 50%, ie 37-99 days a day increase The weight demand is: llmcal / 62 days = 0.18mcal / day, 100-14 days increase accounting account for 50%, that is, the energy required daily weight is: llmcal / 14 days = 0.8mcal / day.

The energy required by the sow includes its own metabolic energy (ME), back-to-arm adjustment energy (PWE), fetal and ancillary gain weight (BWE). The specific calculation method is: <P2
day self-based metabolism: ME = 110 * (weight-bearing / 2 + sow adjustment before weight) ^ 0.75
Day back tun adjustment Energy:PWE = (TP2-SP2) * 5kg / mm * 5MCAL / kg / adjustment day

day fetal and attachment gain weight: BWE = fetal weight * 5MCAL / kg / adjustment day

Savage day feeding: w = (ME + PWE + BWE) / e):

SP2 indicates that a stage adjustment first P2 point back thickness, TP2 means a phase adjustment P2 point back 膘 thickness target (Unit mm)
e means the feed energy concentration used, unit mcal / kg

W represents the amount of mother pig feed, unit kg

sow weight = a stage Pre-adjustment initial weight +1/2 weight closing

Here you will explain how to determine the sow feeding according to P2 point back.

Target: 99 days: P2: 19mm

(37-99 days gain 5kg)

Maintaining required ME:

110 * body weight ^ 0.75 = 110 * (135 + 5/2) ^ 0.75

= 110 * 137.5 ^ 0.75 = 4.42MCAL / day

Shot weight requirement ME:

5KG * 5MCAL / kg = 25MCAL

25MCAL / 62 days = 0.4mcal / day

Fetal weight gain requires me: 0.2mcal

ME: 4.42 + 0.4 + 0.2 = 5.02mcal

Feeding = 5.02 / 3.0 = 1.67kg

Pregnancy 100-111 Temperature Type Feed Target: 111 days

P2: 22mm

(100-111 Day gain 15kg)

Maintaining ME:

110 * Weight ^ 0.75 = 110 * (140 + 15/2) ^ 0.75

= 110* 147.50.75 = 4.655mcal / day

Shot weight required ME: 15kg * 5MCAL / kg = 75MCAL75MCAL / 12 days = 6.25MCAL / day

Fetal weight gain requires me: 0.8 MCAL

ME: 4.655 + 6.25 + 0.8 = 11.705mcal

Feeding volume 11.705 / 3.2 = 3.65kg

135kg, P2 = 16mm Pig, author recommended feeding procedures

In pregnancy, Kg / Day feed variety (energy level) 0-7 days 1.6556 (ME: 3.0mcal / kg) 8-37 days 2.23556 (ME: 3.0mcal / kg) 38-99 days 1.67556 (ME: 3.0mcal / kg) 100-111 days 3.6555 (me: 3.2mcal / kg) 112-14 days 2.0557 (me: 3.2mcal / kg)
Note: Feeding above The procedure must be 40 days and 70 days to determine the P2 point back 膘 膘 to adjust the amount of feeding according to the actual timely.
Author: Shi Zengbin Source: pig professional managers

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