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1) Clinical symptoms are:
Diseases are depressed, desirable, drinking water decline, slimming, or even death; hen’s nestability, egg yet decline, decline in eggs; poultry Severe respiratory symptoms, including cough, snoring, sneezing, tears; head and face edema, chicken hair purple, hair, bleeding, necrosis, neuronal disorders and diarrhea. Any of these symptoms may appear alone or in different combinations. Sometimes the outbreaks have been quickly rapid, and chickens have been found when there is no obvious symptom.
2) Test symptoms:
1, tracheal congestion, bleeding, blood sputum (mixture of mucus and blood), bronchial mucosa, there is a necrotic death point, when there is concurrent infection, there is a yellow cheese in the trachea Blocking, sometimes blocking the overflow of the trachea, and the lungs have a yellow cheese embolist.
2, adenoma, nipple base hemorrhage, papillary purulent hemorrhage; adenomatic base bleeding, a large amount of purulent secretions; muscle stomach keratiniofilm is easily peeled, the lower layers of the keratinoma have bleeding.
3, fat and adenophenia with adenopia have bleeding points; spleen swollen, necrotic, liver swollen, sometimes liver hematoma or hepatoma or bleeding, hepatocellular cracking; kidney is swollen, blood stasis.
4, follicular deformation, denaturation, folk bleeding, freshly cracking yolk in the abdominal cavity; there is a white secretion or cheese in the fallopian tube.
5. The sick and dead chicken have a mucusal substance formed by bleeding, blood and intestinal secretions. The chicken, the meat is swollen, the purple, and the swelling site is “jelly”.
3) Prevention Program:
In order to prevent the occurrence and communication of avian influenza, we have to create a safe prevention system for chicken farms:
1) Select efficient, long-acting, safe Disinfectant, regularly disinfection of the chicken house, feeding, and drinking water system.
2) Do a good job in vaccine prevention and control, increase the level of antibody levels in each age to the effective height.
4) Treatment plan:
If poultry, highly pathogenic bird flu should be resolutely culled, generally does not take treatment, such as low-pathogenic avian influenza can use drug treatment.
(1) Anti-virus: (severe cases) Magic Bai poisonous drinking water 300 kg / bottle + enhanced double-yellow alternarian water 400 kg / bottle Water / bottle, use 3-5 days
(2) Control Secondary Infection: When the poultry is similar to bird flu, it will be used as soon as possible to prevent secondary infection. If the airbag is used for special medicine — exceeded or uses E. coli special medicinal medicinal medicinal water 4-5 days;
(3) In order to improve poultry energy and relieve high fever symptoms, you can simultaneously in drinking water Join the heat-saving honey
(4) In the season of avian influenza, it is easy to occur, regularly use avian influenza to enhance the double-yellow oral liquid 600 kg water per bottle, and the total use of the drug is concentrated once 4-6 hours, and use 3 -5 days, effective preventive disease occurrence.
(5) In order to enhance the immunity of the chicken body, an emulsion can be added to the liver oil, and the effect is obvious.

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