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First, the day grain is matched. In summer, we must pay attention to reduce the energy level of the diet, improve the level of protein in the diet. According to the variety, gender and physiological stage of rabbits, the proportion of fine materials, sewers, and coarse materials is reasonably mixed, and the crude fiber should be controlled between 12% -14%, try to choose from 12% -14%. Green-green feed in water. Feed by the front grass, purslane, green onion, artemisia, leeks, garlic, poplar flowers, watermelon skin, etc. have a certain drug value.
Second, feeding is absorbed. Feeding every day to make breakfast early, feed, baby, baby, fetailing in the evening, add 1% -2% salt in drinking water, pay attention to 80% of the feed Hello to morning and evening. Also pay attention to not feeding a forage with rainwater, sediment, dew, do not feed the plants, do not feed mildew, deterioration, fecal urine-contaminated feed, which is strictly prohibited to feed the forage and toxic plants contaminated by pesticides. Consult QQ: 2627108897

Third, the disease is ingenious. To implement mother and child division, timing breastfeeding, size divided system, timely injection of infectious disease vaccines such as rabbit, Bacillus, Wei Shissea, often give 0.01% potassium permanganate water or 0.02% dysentery Eti water, feeding grass rack or feeding grass. Adhere to drug prevention of coccidiasis, commonly used drugs have Cocales, chloroform, etc. , Then wash it with water, and wipe it with a gauze.
Four, the time is compact. Special cooling protection can be taken in a cool place, and the temperature is controlled between 22 ° C -28 ° C, while paying attention to the full price of prote, vitamins, and minerals. Pay attention to the nutrition of diet, shade heatstroke. It is necessary to observe the changes in the vulva vulva, remember “pink morning, black purple, big red is just”, and grasp the timing. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

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