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Strengthen management
(1) Sheepstook management
high temperature season, sheep house should be installed and open ventilation equipment, protect air convection, reduce the temperature in the house; the Yangshe’s Chaoyang is set to the sun, or take the roof Blister.
(2) Reduce the density of the feeding
Summer bed sheep should maintain a reasonable feeding density, which is suitable for 2 square meters per sheame.
(3) forage, green, green, green, to prevent sheep, only growing with her sheep, producing milky and abdominal disease, shelter, shelter, green, dry grass, feeding , First feed the grass after feeding.
⑷ Appropriate grazing
Implemented the past Evening, 8 o’clock in the morning, the sheep must only be resting in the circle, and then grazing after 6 o’clock in the afternoon.
Prevention and treatment of diseases
(1) Regularly deworming
into the sheep in the summer injection of Avermectin, with a weight of 0.02 ml per kilogram to except in vivo parasite. It can also be carried out before entering the summer. At the same time, eliminate mosquito flies to prevent flies from affecting the sheep only rest.
(2) Epidemic Prevention Disinfection
In the summer, the three-four anti-semifinals, foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, etc. should be injected before the summer, to prevent the problem of polarity in high temperature season.
(3) Prevention of diarrhea
When the sheep is pulled, some antibiotics can be treated, such as gentamicin, etc.
Increase Nutrition
(1) Feeding Quality Forage
Select a good margin, a high nutritional value, especially the lambs and pregnant else need to pay attention to this.
(2) Supplement of the feeding material
Adult sheep, 20 grams of fine feeder per day; the lambed lamb gives 100 grams per day. The cake should account for 25% of the pieces per bic. Supplement sufficient nutrition can only make the sheep only have good physical condition and immunity.
(3) Increase drinking water
High temperature season, should keep water in the water, and ensure water quality clean, let the sheep freely drink.
⑷ ⑷ 盐
0.2 grams per kilogram of body weight can be placed together in water to maintain the acid base balance in the body. (518 farming technology network)

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