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In recent months, the impact of consumption habits, the price of eggs is relatively low, to some extent, the enthusiasm of the farmers, resulting in a considerable part of the farmers to transfer or reduce the production. Coincidentally, in the summer, for scientific breeding egg chicken, Xiaobian listed several precautions for summer feeding of densites:

First, scientifically feeding, ensuring the productivity of the egg chicken. In summer, you should increase the number of feeding, it is best to feed once at 3 to 4 hours. Hell to fell in the morning and evening, feed less noon, add each other twice, half an hour in the middle, in order to induce the addition of appetite. In summer, the proportion of corn and sorghum is reduced, and corn is controlled within 45%, and the sorghum must not exceed 5%, or the sorghum can be fed, and the ratio of bran, fish powder, bean cake or peanut cake can be improved.
Second, various measures to protect the indoor temperature and prevent the temperature of the chicken. When the temperature rises above 25 ° C, it is necessary to open the window in time, install the ventilation yarn window; when it is higher than 30 ° C, there can be a shed or sunshade above the movable field of the chicken, and the sized size should be similar to the chicken house or greater than The chicken area is higher than that of the chicken house is about 50 cm.
Third, to ensure that the eggs are sufficient to drink water, reasonably cool down. Summer seaside or drinking water is easy to heat, causing that the chicken is only destroyed, so the water dispenser should be placed in a cool place, and to change the water, there is a conditional farm to excavate deep wells, for chicken drinking Or rinse the coil to reduce the temperature of the egg population.
4, reasonable chicken density, prevent temperature from high heat stress. Egg chicken is afraid of heat, so after entering the summer, the federation density should be reduced in time. When the raised egg chicken is in the summer, the feeding per square meter is 5 only well; after the foot is saped, it can be reduced to 4. Veterinary drug agent

5, do a good job in epidemic prevention, guarantee production. Summer circle is easy to breed mosquitoes, spread the disease. Therefore, we must seriously do a good job in the disinfection and epidemic prevention work of the farm, prevent the disease. The chicken house is cleaned once a day, and the feces will be cleaned in time; the trough should be cleaned often, and the sun is exposed to the sun, maintaining a polyvidone iodine whole farming area disinfection.

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