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As the weather is gradually warming, the summer is coming, the flooding of the mosquito flies, the red body also visits the pig farm, today I come to talk about the problem of red body disease .

The pig’s adaptive cell body is also known as the sinna disease of pigs, mainly parasitic in red blood cells in the blood, mainly destroying red blood cells. Highly issued from 4 to September.
1. Epidemiology
can spread through the living medium such as 疥,, 吸,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
The red blood cell body can be mately propagated, or it can be propagated via the placenta. Among all infection pathways, the spread of vampire insects is the most important.

Second, clinical symptoms
Piglets mainly cause, poor physical condition, anemia, intestinal and respiratory infections increase; fattening pigs have declined, acute hemolytic anemia; sow breeding disorders.

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Breastfeeding pig:

1. Skin flush, spiritual depth, breastfeeding or waste, acute death.
2. The temperature is elevated, and the eye is pale or yellowing, anemia symptoms, limbs twitching, shaking, diarrhea dark yellow or yellow sticky, with smell.
3. Partially cured piglets will become a stiff pig.

Conservation and Fighting Pig:

1. Spirit, the body temperature is elevated, loss of appetite, trembling the circle or not to stand, and lying from the group.
2. Some sick pigs, neck, chest, lower belly, limbs, etc., the skin is red purple, and the pressure is not faded, and become “red skin pig.”
3. Some sick pigs, palpitations, breathing acceleration, cough, eye diaks;

4. Some sick pigs show anemia and jaundice. The pig is yellow, and the stool is dry. Slow growth, delay in the column.
Damura breeding disorder:

1. Some infected sows continueHigh heat (body temperature can be as high as 42 degrees), anorexia, occasional milk, and less milk.
2. Some infected sow mucosa pale and jaundice, unsatisfactory or repeated infertility, abortion, and dead tires.


Adjustable bleeding point or full body red, anemia (pale), jaundice (yellow dye) is three typical symptoms of the red cell body.
Third, Prevention and Control Measures
1. Do a good job in the extinguishing of the media such as mosquitoes and flies, cut off the pathway.
2, do a good job in environmental sanitation work, reasonable adjustment of the temperature.
3, in high-issuing, regularly planned drug prevention, such as sulfamers, Dorshen, etc.
4, find infection, timely treatment, more sensitive drugs such as oxytetracycline, sulfamer, etc.

Author: Zhou Jun Source: pig Online

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