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The summer temperature, the humidity, especially rainy, if you can’t control the humidity of the pig house, ensure the health of the pig house, will have a great impact on the growth of the pig, and the pregnancy is highly affected. Explain the management of summer pig houses and response measures.

1. Pig house management

1. The ventilation of the pig house is particularly important, maintaining a good ventilation can reduce the spread of the disease. The family farm opens all doors and windows and the aerated holes, and uses electric fans, wind turbines, etc., strengthening the air flow in the house. Especially for breastfeeding sows, pregnant sows and empty pork ventilation management, at least 14.2m3 / min / head, 4.2 m3 / min / head and 8.5 m3 / min, the ventilation of the head sow.

2, proper sprinkle can better cool down. Spray cooling is suitable for breeding pregnancy houses, growing fattening and boar house, spraying L ~ 2 minutes per L5 ~ 20 minutes, spray amount is 0.8 l / hour per pig. The drip cooling is applied to the limit column and the leaks of high-grade rooms, which uses a neck dropwater for a rhemeric cargo. It is 0.5 to 1 minute, and the amount of dropwater is L.9-3.8L. Rolling shower is suitable for large fat pig houses, breeding pregnancy houses and boar testicles are localized, 2 times a day. Avoid sudden shining heads with cold water, which is forbidden to flourish with boars within 1 hour.

3, there is a conditional pig farm to use wet curtain to cool down within the category of the house and the preservation. It can reduce the temperature of 5 to 8 ° C. It is recommended to install air conditioning.


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Second, the feeding mode is changed

1, increasing drinking water and urination is an important mechanism of summer pigs to reduce body temperature. To ensure that the water supply is constantly, regularly check the water of the water, guarantee the flow rate of 1.5 ~ 2.0L / min. At the same time, 0.01% to 0.02% of the VC and 0.1% of artificial salts can be added to the drinking water, and the internal electrolyte balance is adjusted, and the occurrence of thermal stress is reduced.

2, high temperatures can cause decline in feeding, and thus improve the concentration of daily grain should be improved. Especially the energy and vitamin levels to prevent nutritional imbalance due to decrease in feed, causing summer sow breeding disorders, meat pigs, slowing down, and decline in resistance. It can improve the daily grain protein and lysine level by using a blood globulin, fish powder, etc.; demand.

3, using a wet mixture, the water ratio is 1: 1, can increase the amount of food intake 10%, but it is necessary to mix, prevent the acid defeat, and feed the green feeding. Especially sows. The number of feeding is increased from 2 times a day to 3 times and increases feed, especially the sows during the peak of the lactation, in the early morning or evening, which can increase the amount of fishing of L0% ~ L5%. Compared with cold days. The feeding of hot weather is more confusing. Especially when the level of fat in the feed is higher, a small amount of many methods happens to help keep the feed.

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4, adjust the feed time, increase the number of feeding. In advance to 5: 00 ~ 6: 00, the afternoon is postponed until 18: 00 ~ 19: 00 feed, to avoid the weather hot noon and afternoon mens. Night 22: 00-23: 00 fed 1, No feed at noon.

Third, the appropriate time environment is breed, childbirth

1, properly control the breeding time, try to avoid the most hot 7 to August breeding. Breeding and fertilization Carry it in the morning and evening. Choose from about 3 days before the mother pigs. It is cool in the morning. Take measures such as injection to control the delivery time and shorten the procedure.

2, under high temperature conditions, often extensive the childbirth time of the mother pig, so that the fetus stays in the birth time of too long and suffocating death. 1 ml of pregnancy or chloroene alcohol 0.2mg / head in the early morning of the pre-production period (an average of 114 days), after 3 to 5, after 3 to 5, after 18 ~ 5-5L. This can induce sows in early morning delivery, and shorten the proceedings. Reduce dead fetus. It can also increase lactation.

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Prevent disease, vaccination

1, enhance immunization, strictly inject various vaccines in accordance with the immunization procedure, do not neglect the vaccination due to high temperature in summer. In recent years, in the summer, a large number of pigs have been killed, or the sow is abortion, death, and repeated infertility, the loss is large. High heat syndrome is essentially a multi-pathogen that is mainly infected with blue ear disease. Therefore, in the summer, it should strictly prevent the occurrence of diseases such as pig highly pathogenic blue ear disease, swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease and other diseases.
2, for high pathogenic blue ear disease, foot-and-mouth disease, etc., the horizontal maintenance time is short, and it is necessary to make a timely replenishment. The epidemic prevention injection is also carried out in the morning. In addition, pay attention to the refrigeration of the vaccine to ensure the quality of the vaccine, the diluted vaccine should be placed in the refrigerator. It is used within 1 hour. Advocate now to match, to ensure the quality stability of the vaccine.

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Facts to do a good job in pigs

1, the sow is produced before yet: the feed is added to 100PPM Thai bacteria, 300 ppm masticin, can prevent sows Do not eat, milk, breast inflammation, endometritis, etc.

2, piglets: Laidal separation in the age of 3 days. 1.5ml per head is required for the second injection at 10 to 15 days. Add 100PPM Thai Miamethrosis and 75PPM germicolin after weaning. Use 5 to 10 days; in piglets 3, 7, 20 days of muscle injection of ceftrine or long-acting oxytocycin, 3 mg / kg body weight.

3, Care pig: piglet 44 ~ 55At the time of age, the sodium selenate Ve powder was added to the piglet, and 15 to 20 days after transferring, the addition of 1500 ppm refined oxymithromycin was selected in the feed, and the L00PPM dynescosis was added.

4, before and after the middle pig turn: can be used in short, safe and secure drugs, such as Lin Moxamycin, Net, Fluoromethillomycin, etc. 5, summer heatstroke cooling, where the feed is added to VC200PPM, VE60PPM, NAHC03 3000PPM, and for 3 months.

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The above is to share the precautions for the summer pigs, you can selectively adopt. In fact, for the management of pigs, must be judged according to the actual situation of all parts, and the most important thing to go to the end is to master the management technology of pigs.

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